Glenn Dewhurst

Glenn Dewhurst

City of Gosnells

Chief Executive for two organizations; Partner Contour Capital; former Chairperson for three, not-for-profits Managed business transformation from R&D to profitable manufacturing/supplier to the resources sector Developing people—encouraging career and skills growth to achieve a one-for-all culture.

Senior executive, acknowledged for outside-the-box thinking that generates revenues, builds business operations organically and strategically, and creates community awareness via smart, intuitive branding.

Unique leadership career has been honed and enriched over multiple disciplines and industries, commencing in law enforcement, and segueing seamlessly into a global management role for a high-ranking Australian company—exposing millions of dollars of contractor and employee fraud.

Created and grew non-profit organisations—now considered leaders in their respective fields, and preside over a highly-specialised IT consultancy.