Harm Ellens

Harm Ellens

Principal Consultant

Across the Asia-Pacific region Harm works with senior technology and business stakeholders to create new customer experiences. Both in the private sector and in the public service. If you are in Australia and received your tax invoice online instead of filling out reams of paper – you have experienced some of his work.

People around LivePerson call him ‘the journey man’ because he always bring conversations back to what the customer will experience.

The other part of his expertise is building compelling business cases that justify customer experience and employee experience investment.

And most of all he’s passionate about having organisations share their CX and EX transformation experiences of organisations; what they learned, what they will do different next time and what to avoid.

Appearing at
Banking Summit
23 September - 24 September 2020
  • Virtual Conference
Enabling Collaboration and Connectivity Through the Digital Banking Revolution This by-invitation-only event will bring together a selected number of Chiefs, General Managers and Divisional Heads at Australia’s largest banks and financial services organisation to exchange thought leadership on industry trends...