Jasmine Ng

Director of Investments & Special Project

NEM Malaysia

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Jasmine Ng has over 16 years experience in the financial services sector. Her senior level assignments include the setting up of financial services call centres, credit card merchant businesses, overseeing the card business regionalisation programmes, creating alliances with synergies for organisations and providing consultancy to the C-suites.

Jasmine loves to share her passion for business through her roles as investor and active business consultant to various startups that operate in the hospitality, waste management and medical tourism businesses.  She is very attached to her values and believes strongly in economic empowerment through business. She believes strongly in investing in the youth of today by helping them to maximise their individual potential for the future. Jasmine is also a co-founder of a social enterprise called EPIC Homes which focuses on building relationships between the urban and rural divide through the activity of building homes for under privileged Malaysians.

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