Jo Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer


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Jo Kelly is a disruptive, customer-focused leader with more than two decades experience driving brand strategy in the financial services sector across Australia and New Zealand. In 2017, CMO50 ranked Jo in the top 20 CMOs in Australia.

Jo currently leads a team of brand, marketing and communications professionals at UBank where she focuses on creating a digital ecosystem and encouraging marketers to think and execute differently in a disruptive environment. 

Jo has played a key role in cementing UBank as Australia’s leading digital bank, joining the team in early 2015. 

Jo spearheaded the bank’s rebrand in January 2016, bringing ‘Simple, Better, Smarter’ banking to Australian customers.

More recently, Jo led award-winning, provocative marketing campaigns Real Estate Tips from the Terminally Ill and The Science of Spending and Saving.

Jo dedicates her time to help guide and educate the next generation of marketers by sharing not just best practice; but ‘next practice’.

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