Kat Lintott (Ngai Tahu)

Co-Founder & Head of VR/MR


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Kat is a co-founder of Wrestler, a creative agency based in Wellington, NZ, leading all virtual, augmented and mixed reality projects. 

She is also the co-founder and Director of Wrestler Studios which is creating original creative IP through transmedia storytelling.  

Kat is creating content that aims to push the mainstream consciousness forward, giving audiences experiences that empower them in the content itself and then beyond that into the real world. Her particular interest is in creating female focussed content as well as non-gender specific and culturally diverse characters. 

She is exploring the different ways stories can be captured and told through technology from an iPhone, all the way through to immersive interactive VR headsets. Lastly she’s aiming to bring young talent along on the journey so that New Zealand has a strong foundation of talent for the future of this industry.

Her goal in life is also to change the way people approach life. Our purpose should be to live, not to work. Feeling comfortable and being valued for our individual identity without it being attached to a job or career would be an amazing future to live in! 

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