Kristeen McCarthy

Head of Digital Experience Design


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Kristeen joined Suncorp’s Customer Marketplace team in early 2018 to drive increased velocity of digital transformation, including challenging ways of working. 

Kristeen’s path to her current role began only 4 years ago.  Following over 20 years working in audit, risk management, finance and treasury roles in financial services, she took a career change leap of faith into technology to pursue her belief that digital can transform customer experience as well as our day to day lives.  She found that the years spent in financial markets and major transformation programs had given her the ability to translate between business and tech stakeholders, a keen focus on operational excellence, and a passion for authentic communication.

In 2017, Kristeen spent 6 months working with the leadership team of a tech start up….. which provided a great refresher in how fast things can move when the right people roll up their sleeves and get on with it.

Kristeen loves to build and maintain authentic relationships to enable and enhance collaboration and question the status quo – and always seeks to foster a fun team environment where individuals can be their best selves.

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