Lisa McMahon

Transformation Director

BT Financial Group

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Lisa is passionate that inclusion and diversity is an outcome of the evolving human-digital connected world. As a Transformation Director at BT Financial Group, Lisa’s focus is on how the value of our people is maximised through the adoption of automation and cognitive technologies, whilst ensuring that work still provide meaning.

As part of the Customer Journey Lab team, she is embedding automation as more than a productivity play, rather as a revolution that will intrinsically change the way we deliver experience to customers.

Lisa has spent the past decade working across a range of business areas and programs for the Westpac Group, driving a collaborative approach to decision making and problem solving. Prior to this she was a management consultant at Ernst & Young focusing on technology led strategic change and Capgemini focusing on transformation design for people and organisational change.

In a world of rapid innovation, she draws from her broad industry experience including, financial services, defence, telecommunications, government, transport, manufacturing and education.

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