Marion Burchell

A/Chief Executive and Government Chief Information Officer

Office of Government Chief Information Officer, Western Australia

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Marion Burchell is currently acting in the Chief Executive and Government Chief Information Officer role.

Since the inception of the Office, Marion has held the position Executive Director, Policy and Governance, and has led the development and implementation of the State’s first Innovation Strategy.

Previously she managed the COAG secretariat in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and was also responsible for a number of reform initiatives such as open data, budget repair and reform and a number of better public sector initiatives.  One of the reform initiatives she led resulted in the creation the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and the GCIO role.

Marion has extensive experience across a range of multi-disciplinary areas including:  policy, planning, intergovernmental relations, change management, innovation, technology and natural resource management.

Her work has been published nationally and internationally on the topics of public participation in the development of public policy and public sector innovation.

She has studied at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and has degrees in environmental science, sociology and tourism policy and planning.


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