Mark Hofmyer

Director Corporate and ICT Procurement

NSW Health

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Mark Hofmeyr

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Director Corporate and ICT Procurement at NSW Health

New South Wales, Australia


Senior Strategic Procurement and Commercial leader.
Operated successfully in companies with greater than 30% a year growth rates, with continuous change in the scale and scope day-to-day operations requiring significant changes to production regimes, information systems, reporting structures, and manufacturing systems. 
Implemented a major outsourcing program at that saved the business $25m over the life of the contract.
Business Process Improvement: During the first two years of establishing the Strategic Procurement function, generated savings’ opportunities of more than $100m, up-skilled staff, and implemented the policy and controls for the procurement function.
People and Production: Managed a major chemical complex and large team responsible for inbound and outbound logistics, with no safety or environmental incidents, to deliver record production output and the highest dispatch quantities achieved in the company’s history. 
Outstanding Negotiator: Conducted multiple procurement activities for spend exceeding $100m in contract value, to deliver significant savings and introduce new suppliers who provided superior service and reliability.
More than 20 years experience in Industries ranging from Utility, chemicals, mining and construction/ infrastructure.

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