Matty Sirois

Head of Marketing

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I have been an impassioned marketeer for over 17 years, developing and implementing world class brand, sales and marketing strategies for iconic brands like Xero, Fairfax Media, Yellow and Fisher Funds.

With an appreciation and understanding of the value and effect of highly targeted marketing and a strong brand in both a local and global capacity, I am determined to continue to sit at the cutting edge of marketing, always looking for new and exciting ways to maximise the effect of marketing efforts and ultimately achieve unparalleled results.

I started my corporate career working in all facets of video, TV and film, giving me an appreciation of what exponential change in a category rally means. In recent times I have found my sweet spot in data driven marketing and the strategic brand positioning to deliver outstanding return on investment and scalable results.

In more recent years I have held executive and senior roles at 90 Seconds, Yellow and Xero.

Spending over five years in hyper-growth-tech companies has boosted my energy and drive for fast change and a fail fast mentality. This passion and energy serves me well as I have taken on the challenges of the fast growing investment manager, Fisher Funds.

At Fisher Funds, we pride ourselves on the superior service we continuously deliver to our clients and live by our motto of “with you all the way”. We commonly refer to only doing two things – giving our clients great returns and providing great service and advice. We know that delivering good returns on their own is simply not enough!

The business is on a massive transformation journey with an unrelenting drive to make saving for your retirement and investing in your future easier and more enjoyable than ever before!

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