Megan Caywood

Megan Caywood

Chief Platform Officer
Starling Bank (UK)


Megan is Chief Platform Officer, leading its design, development and the API strategy. Prior to joining Starling, Megan worked in technology in San Francisco, heading up product development at Intuit and Xero, two of the world’s largest financial technology companies.

Megan was working towards a PhD in cognitive science when she co-founded a technology business with a friend. She fell in love with building tech products and the creative, collaborative approach of a cross-functional team, so decided to pursue this at Intuit.

Megan joined Starling because it has the tech, the vision and the world class team to do something truly notable – disrupt the banking industry in the fintech capital of the world, by building a full stack bank from scratch with the vision for the world’s best current account.

If she wasn’t at Starling, Megan would be working on building her own fintech company.