Morgana Waters

General Manager, Organisational Development


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Morgana has a rich and diverse set of experiences working across multiple geographies collaborating with and leading teams in places such as Singapore and most recently Germany (while working flexibly in Sydney).

In Singapore she worked for DBS Bank and was responsible to establishing their regional Service Institute and partnering with their innovation team to lead their culture transformation which took their customer satisfaction from the bottom to the top of external benchmarks in Singapore and winning awards for customer experience and call centre operations across Hong Kong and India to name a few.

Most recently Morgana has worked for Allianz starting in the Australian business where she was responsible for leadership, change and culture and as part of their transformation has taken on the role of the Global Head of Inclusion and Employee Experience covering their 140,000+ employees. She has set about applying what she has learnt about customer experience to support the achievement of a culture where people and performance matter.

A proud former call centre agent, she believes in drawing on insights from the frontline and all parts of her organisation to guide and collaborate with leaders in building sustainable customer centric solutions.

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