Sean White

Ecosystem & Business Development Manager

XDC Network

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Having deep and successful experiences in building and maintaining small businesses, also having served in large public organisations – coupled with a laser-eyed, self-styled presence in the Blockchain community since 2018 – Sean draws on insightful, authentic engagement and often large swathes of unpretentious swagger to support and inspire the expansion of the Australian Trade and Finance sectors of Australia towards utility blockchain adoption. As leading the Australian XDC Network Ecosystem and assisting the Development of the Region’s Businesses and Projects – often finding himself at the interface between CODE and the REAL WORLD, Sean intimately understands and lives by the philosophy, that the journey is as important as your, your colleague’s and your Project’s destination – which often rides the “waves of progress”. With that in mind you can expect attentive, engaged – and solutions focused service in any Blockchain matter.

At XDC we have a saying that “Success depends on your Network” – and you are very warmly invited to discover the XDC Network Layer 1 Blockchain difference. XDC Network is the leading EVM compatible blockchain in today’s cluttered market. It has an incredible 2 second block speed, handles over 2000 Transactions per second in scalability and incurs near non-existent gas fees. Being a forked from both Ethereum and Quorum, it delivers the Smart Contract capabilities whilst also hosting the Public and Private Hybrid states. It is a heavy hitter in Payments and Tokenisation utility and is, of course, ISO20022 compliant.

Future of Financial Services Melbourne panel discussing topic
10 August - 11 August 2023
  • ICC Sydney
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