Selina Petosa

General Manager - Design Practice


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Selina Petosa is the General Manager of Design at ASB and has been a practitioner and influencer in the design and communications industry for over two decades. Selina has served as a Design and Customer Experience partner for several of the most illustrious brands in the world including, Acer, Amazon, Cisco, McKinsey, Google, AT&T, TMobile, Sony, and Symantec.

Before joining ASB in October of 2019, Selina spent the last 11 years building the CX consultancy she founded in 2009, Rational Interaction. In her role as chief creative officer, Selina helped transform Rational into one of the fastest growing, most successful independent consultancies in North America.

In leading the Design Practice at ASB, Selina is focused on helping bring the bank’s purpose of accelerating financial progress for all New Zealanders, to life through simple and elegant customer experiences.

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