Simon Banks

Simon Banks

Managing Director and SVP, Asia Pacific, Hyperwallet

As a pioneer in digital commerce platforms, Simon’s understanding of eCommerce has been integral to success across senior management roles at disruptive companies including, Travelex, Siebel and Oracle, prior to joining PayPal.

As PayPal Australia’s Director of Merchant Services, Simon was responsible for the establishment and operation of merchant partnerships and growth strategies for online payments, mobile verticals, and expanding into new frontiers related to mobile and contextual commerce.

In 2017 he left PayPal to lead Hyperwallet’s expansion in Asia Pacific, before the company was acquired to become PayPal’s payout service in 2018.

Simon now leads all teams working with large merchants and key accounts, ensuring a consistent and collaborative approach across client engagement activities as PayPal Australia’s Director of Enterprise,

Simon holds a Master of Business in Marketing from the University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University.

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