Uttiyo Dasgupta

Head of Strategy, UK Digital Bank


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Uttiyo is currently the Head of Strategy for HSBC’s Digital Bank in the UK and is implementing Open Banking Commercialisation Projects in Retail Banking. This has seen HSBC be the first UK High Street Bank to implement a customer solution using Open Banking. Prior to this role, Uttiyo was the Head of Everyday Banking in the UK which saw him head up Current Accounts, Savings, FX, Overdrafts & Payments.

Before his most recent role Uttiyo spent the past 14 years at HSBC, across numerous roles from Group Head of Analytics in wholesale banking, Product Pricing and Analytics, Head of Retail Credit Risk and as Chief Risk Officer of the UK and European retail bank.

Prior to joining HSBC, Uttiyo worked across 7 different countries in Asia and Middle East in customer facing Corporate and Retail Banking executive roles.

Uttiyo strongly believes in the need for a customer centric and data driven approach to Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

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