Wipro, ServiceNow launch integrated scalable risk solution

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Off the back of an announcement that their partnership will soon expand, Wipro and ServiceNow have released a joint solution that integrates risk, compliance and security frameworks that they say will increase organisations’ operational efficiency.

The Wipro CyberTransform – Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions allows firms to flexibly and systematically manage risk, compliance and security, with a framework that integrates ServiceNow Risk and Security into existing functions.

The solution, which promises to improve the day-to-day efficiency of businesses as well as their outlook for digital transformation and growth, also provides:

  • enhanced risk exposure control through continuous monitoring and real-time dashboards on high-risk areas, non-compliance areas, vendor status, and audit findings;
  • increased visibility with a single integrated risk and compliance management program; and
  • scalable security solutions to respond to specific cyber threats.

“Cyber threats are ever-evolving, as are compliance requirements, and with many teams being asked to do more with less, this integrated solution will ensure the organisation is kept safe and compliant,” said Saugat Sindhu, global head of strategy & risk practice at Wipro.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with ServiceNow to provide clients with an integrated risk and security management solution that enables their growth and optimises their operations.”

“Cybersecurity and the overall risks surrounding it are topics on every C-suite leader’s mind. Wipro’s CyberTransform gives our customers an outcome-based framework with the tools and experience to transform across the enterprise using the power of the Now Platform®,” said Mike Yancheson, senior director of partner acceleration at ServiceNow.

“There is high demand for repeatable, proven offerings and we look forward to further collaboration with Wipro as we continue to expand our partnership.”