8th Annual FST Government New South Wales Summit

7 June 2023

The Fullerton Hotel Sydney


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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only


NSW is still looked to as the trailblazer for digital government in Australia, with Service NSW and Cyber Security NSW seen as the ‘gold standard’ for what the country’s eGovernments should be delivering to its citizens. Many are wondering what could be next in store for NSW’s digital front, and what are its latest priorities for customer experience, data, and upscaling capabilities and services.

Find out what’s on the horizon at FST Government’s New South Wales 2023 conference, where there’ll be the opportunity to hear from thought leaders across NSW’s public sector to explore the Government’s innovation expectations and the progression of its digital transformation initiatives.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • Delivering strategy through tangible programs of work, tech, and skills development
  • The pursuit of ‘digital by default’ to upscale the digital standard for customer experience
  • Incorporating data insights for informed decision-making
  • The progress and next steps in whole-of-government and internal digital transformation initiatives
  • Building digital-ready infrastructure and using IT to provide better outcomes
  • A future-ready cybersecurity strategy that is progressive, proactive, and underpinned by an expansive workforce
  • Breaking down the digital divide through omnichannel services and platform accessibility for all citizens
Event Information
7 June 2023 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

New Wave Digital Strategy: Empowering NSW Government’s Leadership and Fulfilment of Citizen Outcomes

  • Foundational redesign: how NSW Public Sector is establishing consistent frameworks, models, and architecture to support the progression of strategic digital initiatives
  • Digital capability at scale: increasing pace of innovation through seamless integration of emerging technologies with citizen-first initiatives
  • Advanced digital delivery: the evolution of cross-cluster agility and inter-departmental mobility to transform services, workforces, and agencies
  • Inhibitors to our digital horizons: embarking on adaptive insights, decision-making, and strategies to enable leadership to solve for immediate and incoming barriers facing Beyond Digital Strategy outcomes

The Expansion of Data Capability: Charting NSW’s Path Towards Seamless Information Flow, Predictive Analytics, and Data Mobilisation

  • Data maturity: climbing the curve through connection and integration of data into the core of organisational outcomes
  • Fast feedback loops: the primacy of being able to monitor diverse and diverging customer needs and derive meaningful initiatives with effective performance measurement in-hand
  • Increased value of insights: enhancing and protecting information as an asset
  • Bridging smart data, technology, and the organisation: applying best practice standards to data innovation amidst intelligent IT adoption

The Now and New of NSW Cyber Security Resilience in a World of Risk, Threat, and Pressure

  • Leading cyber uplift: strengthening existing strategies and equipping transformation leaders to underpin sector growth through secure by design adoption of digital
  • The future of cyber resourcing: the role of culture, collaboration, and recruitment in developing a skilled and diverse workforce to meet the critical shortages and rising demand for specialists
  • Stress test & continuous improvement: things to know and understand ahead of WoG stress test exercises in 2023, and creating meaningful and safe opportunities to advance current cyber processes
  • No gaps: aligning all facets of cyber across technical, policy, governance and intelligence not only with each other, but organisation and sector-wide
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