Adapting to the New Ways of Working in the Times of a Global Pandemic: The Public Sector Perspective

29 July 2020 9:00 am - 5:39 pm
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FST Government Victoria 2020 – Digital Discussion Series

Adapting to the New Ways of Working in the Times of a Global Pandemic: The Public Sector Perspective

As government and businesses worldwide are responding to the continuously changing situation amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to examine how our world of work is being disrupted and what we can do to react to these changes. This discussion looks to explore the world of work in the public sector during the current health crisis and how government across Australia can fast-track digital transformation initiatives to enable remote work, collaboration, and productivity to minimise the risk of COVID-19 on its services.

  • What are the key challenges that government departments are facing at the moment?
  • How can we leverage the right tools and resources to support employee collaboration, communication, and productivity?
  • What is the importance of private and public sectors collaborating in the times of crises?
  • How is the technology industry responding to help organisations to continue operating effectively whilst employees are being asked to work from home?


Paul Cooper, Former A/Director, Digital Health, Department of Health and Human Services


Chris Moon, Chief Information Officer, Board Secretary & Corporate, Environment Protection Authority
Elizabeth Wilson,
Chief Information Officer, Department of Education
Lisa Tepper
, Executive Director – Enterprise Solutions, Department of Premier and Cabinet
John Asquith,
 Head of Innovation for Government, ServiceNow

Chief Information Officer
Environment Protection Authority Victoria
Chief Information Officer
Department of Education and Training
Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Digital Victoria
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Head of Innovation for Government
Former Director, Digital Health
Department of Health and Human Services
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