9th Annual

Future of Victorian Government Summit 2024

The Principal WofVG Gathering of Inner ICT & Digital Transformation Leaders
31 July 2024 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Crown Towers Melbourne
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

The FSTGov Future of VIC Government Summit 2024 hails as the 9th Annual edition in the sector, marking both one year since the establishment of Victoria’s dedicated Department of Government Services, and the halfway milestone of its 2021-2026 Digital Strategy.

Significant progress has already been made to position the State’s Digital Government as a leading-edge hub for citizen-centric design within its services, infrastructure, and initiatives.

As momentum grows, several developments are set to take Victoria’s Digital and Data professions to new heights, including an operating model refresh to account for the major advancement in emerging technology adoption, data-driven decision-making, and reprioritisation of national cyber mandates.

FSTGov Future of VIC Government Summit 2024, assembling transformative public sector leaders to discuss:

  • Repositioning Victoria as a national leader in transformative digital services and advancing the Digital Economy.
  • Fostering end-to-end cyber resilience at organisational and sector levels.
  • ICT consolidation to strengthen WofVG core information, cloud and operational capabilities.
  • Enabling pathways to innovation through agile procurement mechanisms.
  • Embedding data and cyber literacy at the heart of a digital-ready workforce.
  • Architectural alignment to reduce complexity and establish common foundations.
  • Data system reform in the delivery of secure sharing and analytics.
  • Insight generation in the prediction of needs, disruption response and critical decision-making.
Deputy Secretary, eHealth
Victorian Department of Health
WoVG Chief Information Security Officer
Department of Government Services
Chief Information Security Officer
Worksafe Victoria & TAC
Chief Information Officer
Service Victoria
Chief Information Officer
Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions
Chief Operating Officer
Victorian Ombudsman
Information Commissioner
Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
Chief Information Security Officer
Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority
Chief Information Officer
Executive Director Digital Health and Informatics (Chief Information Officer)
Peninsula Health
Director, Digital Twin Victoria
Department of Transport and Planning
Director - WoVG Data Integration (API Capability) Service
Department of Government Services
Director, Data Science
Australian Taxation Office
Director Business Integration and Improvement team, People and Business Services
Department of Transport
Director Operations
Austin Health
General Manager, Data Services and Insights
Secure Electronic Registries Victoria (SERV)
Deputy Director Research
St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
Director, Research Data Strategy
Monash University

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Redefining Victorian Healthcare: Digital Innovation at the Forefront 


  • Harnessing emerging technologies, advanced analytics and AI to deliver better care for Victorians 
  • Enhancing data sharing and linkage to enhance quality, safety and outcomes   
  • Reimagining our future and enabling consumers as digital health partners 
  • Embracing disruptive technology and automation

Mobilising Digital: How Does VIC Deploy Innovation to Solve Legacy Challenges and Harness Emerging ICT? 


  • Inhibitors to the future workforce: identifying and implementing key strategies to build digital skills and address workforce gaps in Victoria. 
  • Maintaining Strategic Momentum: Techniques for leaders to sustain progress on crucially funded digital projects while simultaneously scouting for avenues of continuous enhancement. 
  • Cultivating Collaborative Innovations: Exploring methods to foster new models of partnership between government and industry to drive innovation and digital transformation. 
  • Adapting to Digital Disruptions: Navigating the latest digital disruptions and leveraging these challenges as opportunities to further Victoria's digital transformation agenda, ensuring resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Cyber Resilience in Action: Victoria’s Approach to Cyber Threats in the Digital Ecosystem * Strategic pillars and cyber collaboration: how Victoria responds to the new 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy  * Business risk mitigation: sharing practices from Victoria’s approach to embedding cybersecurity awareness across organisations  * Rapid reprioritisation: tactics for optimising cybersecurity budgets and allocating resources effectively  * Advancing practices, standards, and planning: elevating cybersecurity maturity with proactive planning for future resilience to set Victoria apart in national cyber readiness 

Exploring Data Innovation: Victoria’s Journey to be Ready for AI  * Strategic Integration of AI: How Victoria integrates AI into government operations, ensuring ethical and efficient use.  * Innovative Public Sector Applications: Highlighting AI success stories in Victorian Government services, emphasizing citizen engagement, service delivery improvements, and operational efficiency.  * Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Skills Development: Discussing the importance of bridging data, digital, and AI disciplines through cross-functional collaboration and upskilling initiatives to drive AI innovation.  * Ethics, Risk Mitigation, and Future Challenges: Sharing insights on identifying AI risks, ensuring transparent and accountable AI use, and preparing for emerging AI technologies and trends. 

Creating a Collaborative Digital Ecosystem in Victorian Government 

* Strengthening Interdepartmental Connectivity: Focus on developing a cohesive digital network that enables efficient communication and data sharing among Victorian Government departments and agencies 
* Embracing Cutting-Edge Technologies for State Advancement: Examine how the Victorian Government can leverage emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT to build a robust digital ecosystem. 
* Fostering a Culture of Collaborative Innovation: Address the need for a cultural transformation within the Victorian public sector to promote open innovation and collaborative solution development. 

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