8th Annual

Future of Western Australian Government Summit 2024

The Critical Forum for Strategic Transformation of WA's Digital Government
21 May 2024 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pan Pacific Perth
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

The FSTGov Future of WA Government Summit 2024 returns for its 8th Edition, set for a timely debrief of May 2024’s State Budget, unveiling the strategic paths leading to the 2025 Election and beyond.

The start of 2024 not only marks the Western Australian Government’s final term of its 2021-2025 Digital Strategy but also a year since the launch of WA’s Digital Inclusion Blueprint.

This horizon finds the public sector amid rapid progress in its coordination of digital transformation, underpinned by a robust report of initiatives propelling WA’s digital readiness towards its highest results yet.

Together, FSTGov Future of WA Government Summit 2024 will engage in dynamic roundtable and stage discussions taking the execution of government service delivery to new levels, encompassing:

  • Navigating WA’s record funding mechanisms dedicated to ICT and digital projects.
  • Integrating digitally inclusive community support structures, harm minimisation and connectivity goals.
  • Unlocking the next iterations of connected, accessible and secure digital services.
  • Managing risks and benefits of emerging technology adoption.
  • Excelling the development of digital, data, and cyber professions and pathways in the WA public sector.
  • Establishing next-gen cyber capability uplift, awareness and response.
  • Evolving and enshrining key policy amid fast-moving ICT advancement.

Navigating Leadership Horizons: Cultivating Culture, Influencing Connections, and Crafting a Digital Strategy for Tomorrow

  • Uncover strategies for fostering innovation, collaboration, and adaptability.
  • Explore the role of leadership in spearheading digital transformation initiatives.
  • Outline practical steps for developing a digital strategy that meets diverse stakeholder objectives and ensures a future-ready organisation.


Leading a Connected WA Government: Fostering Inclusive Connectivity, Enhancing Digital Services, and Strengthening Capabilities for a Secure Digital Government

  • Accessibility, Connectivity and the WA Blueprint: how can we collaboratively address the challenges of connectivity, affordability and design to create a more inclusive digital environment for all citizens?
  • Improving Digital Services and Capabilities: how can the ongoing development and optimization of platforms like WA.gov.au and ServiceWA contribute to a more efficient, user-friendly, and citizen-centric government service experience?
  • Digital Identities: how can the Western Australian government strike a balance between innovation and security to deliver digital services?


"Know Me, Then Help Me" - How NZ Post Built a Single View of the Citizen

  • Learn how NZ Post transformed its customer service mantra from “Know me, then help me” into a reality.
  • Hear about their journey to consolidating customer profiles, achieving personalisation at scale, and unifying data to enhance the citizen experience.


Data: Hero or Villain?

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to automate their business, speed time to market and develop new insights, products, or innovations to propel their business forward.

How can this be accomplished when organisations are drowning in data, can’t find the right data, can’t trust its data, and cannot validate their data?

Let’s explore the evolution of data chaos to data clarity to true data intelligence to automate and accelerate your business through intelligent, performant, scalable and flexible GenAI, solutions and services in a hybrid cloud environment.

Cyber-Secure Procurement: Safeguarding Business Future and Operational Resilience

  • Strategic Procurement Engagement: Establish stringent cyber security requirements, incident reporting mechanisms, and clear timelines for compliance within the supply chain.
  • Collaborative Supplier Network: Cultivate a culture of cyber security excellence by fostering collaboration between vendors, suppliers, and internal procurement.
  • Inclusive Procurement Practices: Integrate diverse perspectives into procurement strategies to address cyber security challenges comprehensively. Leverage a variety of insights to identify and mitigate evolving threats across the procurement lifecycle.

AI Assurance: Enhancing Efficiency Through AI Implementation

  • Uniting Policy and Implementation: Aligning AI strategy and technology for enhanced efficiency.
  • Combatting Bias: Addressing the challenge of inclusivity and fairness in AI technologies.
  • Balancing Act: Explore how AI can be safe but not stifled; consider the role of transparency in AI decision-making processes.

Empowering Western Australia: Bridging the Digital Gap for Inclusive Communities

  • A Path to Equity: Delve into the necessity of equitable access to digital tools and services for every citizen. Highlight the social and economic implications of bridging this gap.
  • Digital Inclusion Strategies: Explore actionable approaches to empower marginalized communities through digital literacy programs and improved access to technology. Emphasize the pivotal role of government in spearheading initiatives for digital inclusion and fostering equal opportunities.
  • Collaborative Innovation for a Connected Future: Discuss the significance of collaboration among government, industry, and community stakeholders in delivering effective digital services. Showcase innovative solutions and partnerships driving continuous improvement in digital service delivery across Western Australia.

  • What are the key challenges for agencies preparing for potential future requirements for data and information governance?
  • What can we adapt and re-use from our current approaches to data and information management?
  • How might agencies collaborate effectively to deliver on potential future obligations whilst also facilitating responsible information sharing?

  • How can technology leadership drive business strategy to deliver measurable value?
  • How does digital transformation impact organisational culture and employee productivity? And how can these changes be managed to enhance business outcomes?
  • What strategies can organisations employ to identify, integrate, and leverage emerging technologies for competitive advantage?

  • Explore the synergy between the Essential Eight cybersecurity strategies and comprehensive data resilience measures.
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities in aligning with Essential Eight requirements to strengthen defences against cyber threats.
  • Discuss strategies for ensuring clean, secure data for AI systems, addressing the criticality of data quality and security in AI outcomes.

  • When you assess your key connectivity challenges in the Gov environment, what immediately comes to mind?   
  • What are the key elements in service delivery, product, and engineering that telcos need to facilitate for you to overcome these challenges?   

  • The technology makes it possible, but how do you transform an entire agency’s data model inside a week, and bring people along for the ride?
  • What are the considerations for the approach in the lead-up to a transformation like this?
  • What lessons have been learned that you can take back to your agency?

  • What are the key challenges posed by legacy infrastructure, including servers, routers, and firewalls as well as operating systems and applications?
  • How can organizations effectively plan and execute migration strategies to modernize their systems while minimizing disruption?
  • What strategies can be employed to address the reluctance to pause operations, particularly in environments with 24/7 demands and stakeholder concerns?

  • Top transformation drivers in government and how your legacy ERP could be holding you back.
  • How AI, automation, and analytics can be used to optimise business processes and give you a springboard for innovation – a stakeholder view.
  • Insights into common pitfalls, lessons learnt, and how you can prepare for success.

  • How do you handle the growing sources of data with a unified strategic approach with different platforms, management, and governance to mitigate operational risk and lower operational cost to analyse data holistically?
  • Using the Agile approach to transform government and public sector services with best practices to adopt a bias for Agile and deliver successful modernisation faster at scale.
  • The importance of a data foundation to enable organisations to harness Generative AI and how to harness the power of data to create a better citizen experience.

  • What first responder, government worker, and community member connectivity issues arise in natural disasters (pre-, during and recovery phases)?
  • What are the current telecommunication technology gaps in keeping people and staff connected and able to access government systems and services when needed?
  • Where do the commercials for standard carrier obligations not meet government or community expectations?

Microsoft Office 365 has become the de facto standard productivity suite for Government departments in Australia. Enabled through a cloud platform of software apps that increase collaboration and communication throughout their organisation. However, as departments move to cloud-based applications, such as Office 365, they require a different approach to security and compliance of corporate data. During this roundtable, we will discuss:

  • Key challenges associated to securing data in office 365.
  • Disruption & risks of the hybrid workforce accessing Office 365.
  • Use cases that customers should look for when evaluating an SSE solution to protect their mission-critical Office 365 deployments.

Founder and CEO
She Codes Australia
Chief Digital Officer
Office of Digital Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet of Western Australia
Chief Digital Officer
Chief Data Officer
Department of Premier and Cabinet of Western Australia
Chief Digital Officer
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
Chief Cybersecurity Officer
East Metropolitan Health Service
Deputy Director General
Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Director State Records
State Records Office of Western Australia
Senior Director Digital Transformation and Platforms
Office of Digital Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet WA
Manager ICT Security, Risk & Compliance
Department of Justice WA
Director Cyber Security
Office of Digital Government, Department of Premier and Cabinet WA
Manager, Cloud ICT Services, Cloud Lead
Department of Education WA
WA Data Science Innovation Hub
Chief Information Officer
Edith Cowan University
Cyber & Information Security Officer
Horizon Power
Professor Computer Science and Software Engineering
The University of Western Australia
Chief Executive Officer
Kinetic IT
Digital Transformation Lead - Data & A.I.
NZ Post
ANZ Chief Technology Officer and Presales Director
Hitachi Vantara

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