People: How Financial Services Organisations Can Address their Biggest Vulnerability

26 May 2022 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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85% of breaches involved a human element. Financial services firms are victims of almost a quarter of all security breaches, and your perimeter protection may not be as impenetrable as you think.

In this new working world, with hybrid teams, shared access, and next-gen threat techniques, how can you turn your biggest vulnerability, your people, into your vanguard defence?

This discussion will bring Security leaders together with Proofpoint’s Senior Sales Engineer Sean Callaghan.

This discussion will explore:

  • Building a human-centric approach to security: What needs to be done, and what are people doing wrong?
  • How have FSI’s maintained or changed security protocols while staff have worked remotely?
  • Exploring best practice approaches to fight next gen phishing, social engineering and BEC attacks
  • How are FSI’s evaluating and improving their security posture?
  • Turning the tables: Analysing attack data to better understand your adversaries
  • How are FSI’s achieving buy-in from employees outside of Security functions?

Join FST and Proofpoint as we discuss how to protect organisations from their biggest vulnerability, their people

Head of Security Influence & Outreach
Head of Security and Tech
Head of Security Awareness
Master of Ceremonies