Aus Gov seeks public feedback on data agenda


The Federal Government has requested public feedback to help shape the nation’s data agenda, the Commonwealth has announced.

The request comes a month after the release of the Productivity Commission’s Data Availability and Use report, which urged the Government to improve individuals’ access to and control of their own data.

“Increasing availability of data can facilitate development of new products and services, enhance consumer and business outcomes, better inform decision making and policy development, and facilitate greater efficiency and innovation in the economy,” the report said.

To meet the recommendations of the report, the Government has announced the establishment of a cross-departmental Data Taskforce, which will lead a whole of government response.

The Data Taskforce will address issues around data privacy, security and intellectual property, including greater insight and control for individuals over how public data is used by the government.

Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, Angus Taylor, said the Government’s response to the report provides impetus to drive necessary change in data handling processes.

“We are not going to miss this chance,” Assistant Minister Taylor said. “Improving the way we use and share data will improve delivery of government services, and deliver greater choice and outcomes for us all.

To help guide the public consultation period, the Federal Government has launched a dedicated Data Availability and Use website to provide an overview of the Productivity Report.

The Australian Government’s response to the Productivity Commission’s report will address feedback from all levels of government, key stakeholders and the public and will be finalised towards the end of 2017.

Feedback can be submitted via the Government’s Data Availability and Use website or via email at