Fed Govt introduces new instructions for APS to limit the use of contractors

The Federal Government is set to release new instructions for the Australian Public Service (APS) to limit the use of contractors and consultants, including new rules to ensure “core government work” is completed by APS employees.

The APS Strategic Commissioning Framework, published by the APS Commission, will also put further restrictions on outsourcing to defined circumstances, while outsourcing for core functions, such as drafting cabinet submissions, regulation or leading policy development, will be banned.

Additionally, where external arrangements are used, knowledge will need to be transferred to the APS.

“We have an ambitious plan to reform the APS and this framework will ensure that from now on core work will only be done by APS employees,” said Minister for the Public Service, Katy Gallagher.

“Agency heads will lead this work, determining their core work, setting targets to bring it back in house and reporting on their progress.

She added that “information on progress will be publicly available”.

According to Assistant Minister for the Public Service, Patrick Gorman, the Strategic Commissioning Framework would be pivotal to the reform efforts, setting clear expectations to reduce reliance on external workforces, aligning with the Government’s election commitment to bolster the skills of Australian public servants.

“Enhanced APS capabilities will benefit both our dedicated public servants, and all Australians, too,” Gorman said.