myGov upgrade to usher in ‘personalised’ citizen services

myGov upgrade to usher in ‘personalised’ citizen services

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is on the hunt for a new systems integrator to help overhaul its longstanding citizen services portal, MyGov.

The upgrade, which will eventually see the complete replacement of the seven-year-old myGov platform, is expected to provide government services “across portfolios and jurisdictions”, the DTA said, offering a single view of users’ interactions with the Government.

Eventually, the DTA said the new platform should offer some level of personalisation and adaptability to citizens’ individual life circumstances.

For instance, the DTA sees the platform being able to integrate and use data “around events people experience in their life, such as experiencing a national disaster”.

This may also include personalised prompts for upcoming payments and tax time reminders.

Launched back in 2013, the MyGov platform has faced persistent criticism for its poor integration and lack of user-friendliness, despite promises to offer a seamless, single access point (or “one-stop-shop”) user interaction portal for government services. myGov currently includes access to online services for the Australian Tax Office and Services Australia (formerly the Department of Human Services), including Centrelink and child support.

Services Australia, which will manage the new myGov rollout, said digital services across government remained “fragmented and difficult to use”.

“There is no single platform where customers can access services and information relevant to their needs,” the DTA added in its proposal documents.

“Enhancements to myGov will enable a more effective model for government to deliver the information and services people and businesses need, in a way that works for them.”

Acknowledging “people and businesses’” increasing demand “to interact with government through digital channels”, the DTA urged the government to replicate the private sector’s success in developing customer-friendly interaction channels.

The platform will initially “operate as an extension to, and in parallel with, myGov”, though it is more than likely it will completely replace its current incarnation.

In seeking a systems integrator for the project, the DTA will require its winning candidate to propose a suitable package of systems integrator services, with separate options for base software product(s) and hosting platform(s).

“The successful seller will be required to work closely with the DTA and other government agencies involved in this work,” the DTA said.

“The DTA will bring together a multi-disciplinary team, including the seller, and other government and private sector specialists, to deliver this work. The DTA will specify its collaboration requirements in the resulting work order issued following… this request.”