NSW Telco Authority spends $30 million on network upgrade


A contract had been awarded to Motorola Solutions to upgrade networks across 150 radio sites, and boost coverage for 23 new sites in north-west NSW.

The NSW Telco Authority has finalised a $30 million network upgrade with the contract awarded to Motorola Solutions.

This upgrade will streamline telecommunications services for frontline organisations that manage emergencies or natural disasters.

The Motorola project, when fully operational, will provide agencies with trusted voice communications and resilient performance.

User agencies also receive up-to-date radio technology over the next five years, while building the next-generation capabilities.

New services incorporate digital radios that come equipped with features including location and mapping data. The focus is to enhance security, extend the coverage of services, and adopt emerging apps.

Mobile apps

One recent app has enabled first responders to stay connected in the field. This extends the reach and capability of radio communications for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The authority coordinates radio telecommunications services for the state government. This incorporates radio services, spectrum holdings, government-owned infrastructure, and the management of assets.

More than 70 agencies currently own or operate radio communications to support their operations. These include support for staff involved in public safety and emergency services.

Nearly 50,000 end-user terminals operate on up to 3,200 radio telecommunications sites across NSW. Around 1,900 of these sites are providing voice radio services for agencies in similar geographic locations.

Among earlier contracts, the authority partnered with Optus and Digital Distribution Australia to migrate away from a largely sole-supplier arrangement. This was based on legacy circuit switching technology, and is now replaced with a multi-vendor modern IP based linking network.