New insight report: how to improve CX through better sales experience in financial services


At a recent executive round table hosted by SAP and FST Media in Singapore, we discussed with senior executives from key financial services institutions some of the key challenges and transformation strategy to improve CX through better sales experience. 

Customer experience has become so important that an experience less than great can lead to customers moving from one brand to another, known as churn. The poorer the CX, the higher the churn volume.

Churn is so significant that the estimated value of today’s Churn Economy is US$6.2 billion per annum, which hypothetically it would come in as the third largest economy on the planet by value! Certainly not a small number and you will agree that retaining customers and keeping them happy is an important goal for your business.  

So how can FSIs do CX better? How can banks and insurance companies catch up with heightened customer expectations and deliver better sales experience? What are some of the innovative approaches and transformational solutions that FSIs have tried and implemented in this area that we can all learn from?

Download the full report to find out.