A Guide to MLOps: Learn how to choose your MLOps tooling

Canonical Solutions MLOPS whitepaper

With an adoption that doubled compared to 2017 based on the McKinsey State of AI report, AI is going through a shift.

Initiatives are going past the experimentation phase. Some noteworthy changes in the space include:

  • An increasing number of capabilities being used by organisations as part of their AI initiatives.
  • An increasing level of investment allocated to machine learning projects, which goes hand in hand with a higher adoption rate.
  • More interest in collection, governance and ethics, aiming to ensure compliance for production deployments.
  • Stable, secure, scalable tooling is a priority for enterprises. Having AI that enterprises can benefit from is critical.
  • AI is more affordable and performant, with needs that are better addressed, tools that mitigate risk and an ecosystem that is better integrated.

How do you navigate these changes in the fast-paced world of AI?

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