Omnichannel Webinar: The transition from transaction to relationship banking


FST Media’s Live Webinar Series on ‘the transition from transactional to relationship banking’, discussed by a group of industry thought leaders and experts. 

The digital revolution has redefined the customer experience, transforming what was once a purely transactional interaction into highly engaged customer relationships. Yet increasing expectations and demands from today’s empowered consumers have put immense pressure on banks to deliver consistent service across all touch points.

Examining some of the fundamental challenges in shifting to a highly engaged, omni-channel approach, this FST Media Webinar will explore:

  • How financial services organisations can keep pace with the rapidly evolving customer expectations
  • Strategies to implement emerging digital technologies to drive loyalty and improve market share
  • The successful delivery of personalised and consistent customer experiences in an omnichannel environment
  • A roadmap to multichannel integration and channel agnosticism