Chirag Amla

Principal Solution Architect


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Chirag is the Principal Solutions Architect at Mambu serving the APAC region. Currently based in Melbourne, Chirag is a seasoned banking technologist who has worked on large and small transformation programs with banks and fintechs globally, including NAB, UBank and ANZ in Australia. He has acquired expertise in key business areas including Home Loans, Customer Centric Origination & Fulfilment Workflow and Retail & Digital Banking that has enabled him to successfully design and deliver solutions that are flexible, provide omni-channel experience and are scalable to respond to changing market conditions.

Chirag’s passion is to learn and apply new ways of thinking that push the boundaries and question the status quo, allowing him to have an effective partnership between traditional and modern practices and to inject digital DNA on a corporate level to enable the organisation to be digital-first.

Banking Summit Sydney 2024
22 May 2024
  • Shangri-La Sydney
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