Dustin Gannon

Head of Insurance Architecture


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Dustin Gannon is the Head of Insurance Architecture at ServiceNow and is leading the world of work transformation for Insurance on the ServiceNow platform. As the Head of Insurance Architecture for ServiceNow, he focuses on how the world of work in the Insurance industry will help Insurers of the future achieve their business goals. He is particularly interested in how the intersection of workflow, risk, transactions, and integration can create best practices for this unique industry on the Now platform.

During his 20-year career, Dustin has been a part of over 200+ core system transformations and digital disruptions across banks and insurance companies, reaching millions of customers across the globe and billions of dollars of digital experiences.

Previously, Dustin held the position of Principal Sales Consultant at Salesforce and Technical Sales Consultant while working at Guidewire Software, Inc., where he was responsible for helping insurance companies around the globe install and transition to mission-critical core and CRM systems.

Dustin graduated from the Founders Institute Startup Accelerator with the 2015 Startup of the Year in San Diego and is a big believer in the Lean Startup way as an entrepreneur/intrapreneur.

Before this, Dustin held the position of Product Solutions Consultant while working at Jack Henry & Associates, helping over 100 banks transform their core services. He is particularly proud of being one of the first commercial sales of “Take a Picture of a Check and Deposit to your Bank” worldwide. His signature win was the CIA’s bank which had the highest PII requirements of any bank in the world.

Before his professional career in InsurTech/FinTech, Dustin Gannon was a published video game developer. His first title was a sequel to Dragon’s Lair(TM), one of 3 video games on permanent display at the Simonian Institute Museum in Washington DC.

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