Elisha Harrington

Innovation Evangelist, Chief Innovation Office


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Elisha Harrington is an Evangelist on the Innovation team at ServiceNow. In her role, Elisha is laser focused on the future of work, digital transformation, and the power of intelligent systems.

As a thought leader in operational improvement and innovation, she is responsible for all efforts to evangelize the transformative world of work for enterprise customers in the Asian-Pacific region. Elisha is helping customers re-imagine the possible and solve important problems to create stunning change.

Prior to ServiceNow, Elisha worked for a number of top tier professional services firms, consulting with the largest global and Australian local enterprises across banking, telecommunications and more. From running large Digital transformations (both technical and business). Elisha worked for PwC across technology solutions which included fraud detection, risk sentiment, automation, and advanced analytics as well as blockchain and other leading technology cloud SaaS solutions.

Working within C-suite agendas and large impactful programs impacting employee and customer experience, Elisha aims to supercharge productivity scaling across the organisation whilst cultivating a culture of innovation at its core.

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