Glenda Roberts

Director, Aboriginal Service Delivery Reform

Department of Communities and Justice

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Glenda is an outstanding community leader and respected spokesperson for First Nation Australians.  Glenda is passionate about the importance of empowerment and self-determination and is dedicated contributor to First Nations community organisations.  Having credibility and high standing within NSW and throughout Australia, she has a strong affiliation with the First Nations communities in Sydney where she was born and schooled, and a blood connection to the Bundjalung and Gumbaynggirr Nation on the north coast of NSW.

Glenda has successfully taken on executive roles within NSW Government and is currently leading the Department Communities and Justice Aboriginal Service Delivery Reform.  Glenda is committed to building innovative solution to complex service system so our families can access the right service at the right time.  Her latest service system design is called the Aboriginal Cultural Intelligence Service System (ACIST), a digital platform mapped on a 4 dimensional quadrant pyramid and involves a grid implementation of interacting streams. The ACIST is designed to provide a holistic response and will identify the touchpoints at micro, meso and macro level. The ACIST will capture First nation people’s needs and experiences at the point of receiving government services.

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