Glenn Maiden


Fortiguard Labs Australia

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Glenn is the Director of Fortiguard Labs; heading up Threat Intelligence operations for Australia. FortiGuard Labs are one of the largest Threat Intelligence organisations in the world. FortiGuard Labs build the security intelligence that underpins advanced security technologies like AI, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and email & web security. Glenn works closely Fortinet front & back-office teams, Australian Cyber Organisations, CERTs, partners, and customers to build resilient defence systems via intelligence-led security fabrics.

Glenn commenced his career with the Australian Defence Organisation in the mid-90’s & moved to the Australian Intelligence Community (AIC) in 1999. Glenn’s activities included systems engineering, risk management, threat analysis, policy, reporting; and support to Defence operations. Highlights from this time include supporting counter-terror and military operations, supporting non-combatant evacuation operations, and leading Australia’s first collection of Human Terrain Intelligence from Afghanistan. Glenn moved to the ATO in 2011 as the Agency’s Cyber Security Advisor, coordinating security issues across the entire ATO organisation and partners.

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