Joe Rastrick

Head of PayTech and Emerging Payments

Bank of New Zealand

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As BNZ’s Head of PayTech and Emerging Payments, Joe is focused on
tech businesses that either have payments at the centre of their offering
or offer services that have a strong payment component, including
Payments as a Service, Digital Wallets, Open Banking/API enabled
business, Meta/Web3 payments, SoftPos, Blockchain payment evolution,
the Future of eCommerce payments and Embedded Finance.

Joe has two decades of banking experience across financial markets,
retail and business banking. Most recently, Joe’s focus has been
transactional banking and merchant payments; he is the ‘go-to’ banker
for large businesses with both simple and complex transactional needs,
high merchant acquiring volumes in either eCommerce or Point of Sale
spaces, payment facilitators, and for PayTech and emerging payments businesses.

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