13th Annual

Future of Financial Services, New Zealand 2024

19 June 2024 8:50 am - 5:00 pm

Cordis, Auckland
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Complimentary for FSI Executives

The Future of Financial Services, New Zealand is a nexus of innovation and inspiration at the core of the banking and financial sector!  Building on nearly two decades of success, FST is excited to assemble prominent thought leaders and executives from the region to delve into the technological advancements influencing New Zealand’s financial services industry. With 400+ delegates, 30+ speakers and 20+ solution providers, our yearly conference explores the latest developments that are poised to enhance the financial ecosystems in New Zealand.

Last year, we delved into some of the most captivating themes that continue to shape the landscape of innovation. We unravelled the potential of artificial intelligence, extending beyond the confines of data science, to illuminate its real-world applications. Then, charted transformative strategies, guiding the way toward a more sustainable future and explored the power of data-driven analytics. Furthermore, we embraced the imperative of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, beckoning enterprises to join us in shaping a brighter and more impactful tomorrow.

The upcoming edition promises to delve into the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, APIs and data analytics, reshaping the financial landscape. We’ll be deep diving into the intersection of digital transformation and customer-centric solutions, discovering how they collaboratively create unprecedented value for financial institutions and their clientele.

The over-arching theme of this year’s conference will be “Repositioning New Zealand as Hub of Innovation” and the following sub-themes will underscore the day’s content:

  • Complete your migration to the Cloud
  • Commence data sharing in preparation for Open Banking
  • Adapt your strategy and business logic to ignite your Digital Transformation
  • Modernise your organisation through AI
  • Meet customer expectations through periods of rapid change

Similarly to across the globe, New Zealand’s FSI is facing heightened economic volatility, rising inflationary pressures and ongoing geopolitical unrest. Now is the time for industry leaders to present their thought leadership on why innovation, transformation and the use of advanced technologies are key to succeeding through disruption.

Chief Economist
Westpac NZ
Industry Expert
Former Chief Digital Officer, Southern Cross Health Society
Chief Executive Officer
Tower Insurance
Chief Technology Officer
The Co-operative Bank
Deputy Chief Risk Officer - Risk and Compliance
Heartland Bank
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Payments NZ
Commerce Commission
Head of Technology Strategy and Architecture
Westpac NZ
Chief Transformation Officer
SBS Bank
Chief Technology Officer
Salesforce New Zealand and Australia
Executive Manager Fraud Operations
ASB Bank
Head of Fraud and Financial Crime Investigations
ASB Bank
Head of PayTech and Emerging Payments
Bank of New Zealand
Head of Open Banking
Head of Solution Architecture
ASB Bank
Head of Information Security
Fidelity Life Assurance Limited
Aioi Nissay Dowa New Zealand
Co-Founder and CEO
Nano Platform
AI Solutions Lead - APAC
SAS Institute
Evangelist, Office of the CTO
Check Point
Regional Sales Director
Director, Sales Engineer
Account Director, Enterprise Financial Services
Smart Communications
Alteryx ANZ Alliances Manager
Director, Finance Transformation
PwC New Zealand
Business Editor-at-Large
NZ Herald
Head of Data and Analytics, Institutional
ANZ Bank

Stay tuned for further speaker announcements...

  • As international markets experience seismic shifts, this session will explore New Zealand's role within the global economy and strategies to lessen the effects of geopolitical volatility on the domestic front.
  • There is speculation regarding New Zealand's economic state amidst a decelerating labor market, unprecedented inflationary pressures, a decline in living standards, and the challenging circumstances faced by households and businesses.
  • What does the future hold for financial services? The session will discuss business strategies aimed at enhancing productivity, reducing expenses, and fostering growth in the private sector

Dr John Small will discuss the challenges we face in modernising the payment system and how individually and collectively we can build on the current momentum to realise the benefits of modernising the payment system sooner

  • Trust is the backbone of financial services - Money. Investments, Advice. Security. Well-being. Risk. All underpinned by Trust.
  • AI introduces powerful new tools. Customers, society is watching. Earning trust during AI adoption will be key to building relationships & reputations. Hard won. Easily Lost.
  • Declare redlines. Embed & Embrace Trust Principles When crises of AI confidence hit, it will too late then to establish your trustworthiness.
  • Fairness and transparency: Fairness and transparency are at the heart of Tower’s risk-based pricing journey. Learn about New Zealand’s first fully probabilistic inland flood model and why we believe risk-based pricing combined with transparent digital experiences is a fairer way to offer insurance.
  • Innovation in the face of climate change: With weather events increasing in severity and frequency, we need to consider what a non-traditional insurance landscape could look like in New Zealand.
  • Hear key insights from Tower’s parametric insurance pilots in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. Using leading digital and data technology to create career and business opportunities for developing countries in the Pacific: The Pacific islands are one of the riskiest regions in the world so why do only nine of out of 10 homes have insurance? From Auckland to Apia, Tower is revolutionising how island nations interact with insurance.
  • In this briefing, Paul Franks from Appian will share his insights from the global design and deployment of process automation solutions as cloud-native services using the latest available Generative AI capabilities whilst meeting regulatory and operational risk requirements. 
  • Paul will share how process orchestration and innovation can co-exist and what are the elements for a sustainable and adaptable capability. 
  • Macro-environment – looming external risk trends.
  • Whistlestop tour of the evolution of internal technology related risks. Actionable takeaways for managing emerging technology risks.
  • Opportunity – leveraging technology to enhance risk management, including pitfalls and a practical roadmap to building capability.
  • The financial services innovation ecosystem.
  • Amara’s Law – we tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.
  • Innovation is a strategy not a tactic, why innovation programs fail and 'AI will solve my problems.'
  • What's happening now? Providing hyper-personalised services through customer differentiating AI and mitigating AI bias by utilising individual not demographic data sets.
  • What's happening soon? How the mass adoption of AI will be driven by regulatory pressure, not revenue generation.
  • What's happening later? Assessing AI trends on NZ’s horizon – the uses of AI in blockchain, digital currencies, payment systems and meeting sustainability targets.

Yi Jian will be exploring the underlying technological trends underpinning AI and how you can Innovate Responsibly through Trustworthy AI.   

  • Overview of the underlying technological trends underpinning AI 
  • Insights on key pillars of a Responsible AI strategy 
  • SAS case study with financial regulator in Asia Pacific 
  • Addressing the most pressing IT challenges and continuously delivering business value to compete effectively as a digital enterprise.
  • Assessing the benefits of a hybrid-cloud strategy: maintaining and improve business applications through agile methodologies that are cost effective and display superior performance.   
  • Is a Digital Transformation possible without the implementation of Generative AI? Assessing whether Generative AI is the key to remaining competitive or simply, the 'Shiny New Thing.' 
  • Embracing Modernisation: Strategies to Overcome Legacy Technology Challenges
  • Accelerating Transformation: Rapid Implementation Techniques
  • Building a Future-Ready Enterprise: From Legacy to Leading-Edge

Discover how SBS Bank, with its mission of "helping Kiwis find a place to call home," is navigating a comprehensive transformation to drive an ambitious growth agenda. This session will delve into the benefits of being brand-led and how this approach is guiding decision-making and investment decisions to drive growth and innovation.

  • Why customer centricity is not just a buzz phrase but an important growth lever 
  • Balancing business and technical goals in transformation project 
  • Freeing up your time to focus on journeys tailored to your customer's real-life needs 
  • Managing the exponential rise of financial crime, fraud and scams and associated attention and focus across government and media.
  • The necessity of a New Zealand Inc approach that incorporates collaboration across multiple sectors within government and private industry.
  • Setting the groundwork for disruption: Embarking on a Digital Transformation as a complex financial organisation, secure your data as you migrate to the Cloud and protect customer information from AI-powered threat actors.   
  • Preparing for Open Banking: Embedding encrypted APIs, gaining knowledge of future CDR legislation and responding to the heightened risk of data breaches and unauthorised access.  
  • The evolving regulatory landscape: Monitoring global regulatory shifts and preparing for prescriptive regulation regarding sustainability, AI and the Open Data Economy.  
  • Repositioning NZ as a hub of innovation: Partnering with local and global payment and security providers to promote digital innovation
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