Keya Mukherjee

Keya Mukherjee

Head of Wealth & Business Banking Analytics
Macquarie Bank

Keya Mukherjee joined Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services division in 2022, taking on the position of Wealth Product Owner in Data and Analytics. In her current role as the Wealth & Business Banking Product Owner, she focuses on enabling data-driven strategies fueled by powerful insights into client behaviour.

Throughout her career, Keya has leveraged the power of data and advanced analytics to help drive key business decisions impacting revenues and cost. With more than 16 years of experience in this field, she has worked across a broad set of industries, including retail, media, telecommunications and finance, spanning a diverse set of markets. In her varied roles, Keya has thrived on breaking data silos to connect the dots and build a simple story.

Keya’s academic career includes Economics Master’s degree from JNU Delhi.

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