Raghavendra Bhat

Raghavendra Bhat

Head of Technology - Digital Channels

Raghavendra Bhat is Head of Technology for Digital Channels at ANZ Banking Group. ANZ is one of the world’s top 50 banks with about 40,000 employees serving customers in more than 30 geographies. 

As the head of technology, he is responsible for 
1. Driving an engineering centric culture within the organization
2. Introduce digital solutions to help our customers and employees protect and grow their wealth
3. Reduce friction from every interaction our customers and employees have with us
4. Experimenting and learning emerging technologies (such as AI, AR, Distributed Ledger) 

He also leads group engineering teams responsible for both internal and external customer facing Digital channels, Cloud, DevOps, and Innovation to identify and deliver solutions that accelerate growth, reduce costs, and improve customer and employee experience.  

Raghavendra is an Engineer & an enthusiastic leader experienced in developing and leading organisations which are large, diversified and have a global, corporate and consumer services footprint. 

He specialises in defining, developing, owning & implementing strategic vision, frameworks and solutions delivery demonstrated through a proven delivery track record across digital payments, remote customer touch-points & channels like voice, Internet, Mobile, Phone Banking and ATMs on the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Blue Mix and Microsoft Azure).

Raghavendra responsible for turning consumer and technology insights into functionality and user experiences that create a competitive advantage by consistently delivering industry awarded best in class Voice\Internet\Mobile Banking & self service phone banking systems (IVR) offerings to our customers. 

Specialties: Cloud Services (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM), Digital Payments and Wallet services, Defining, developing, owning, advancing frameworks and solutions for digital channels like voice, mobile Internet banking, ATMs and IVR.