Zachary Zeus

Co-Founder & CEO


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Zachary Zeus is one of the best in the business. He has more than 20 years of experience engineering solutions to real-world problems and enabling data capability in large financial services organisations. With a degree in engineering and an MBA from NYU, Zach approaches data and tech with a robust, creative, and systematic mindset.

Zach started BizCubed – a data engineering firm – in 2006 after rolling out a significant governance and compliance program for a major financial institution. He recognised the value of empowering business teams with the skills and confidence to automate the manual, analytic work they were already doing in Excel, but he also knew that building new technology to meet that need was cost-prohibitive. Zach has since developed a model – the BizCubed Data Engineering Methodology – for putting easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools in the hands of analysts around the world, whilst supporting them with the engineering discipline and rigour required to manage data processes at scale. Along with two co-founders, Zach started PyxGlobal – a company of trust architects – in 2023 to deliver transparency and security for trade communities and sustainable supply chains and solve other global problems.

Zach’s unique balance of technical capability, strategic vision, and commercial sensibility make him an exceptionally fit leader in today’s digital landscape. He’s also the eldest of eight kids, grew up in rural Oregon, and has possibly the coolest surname a mere mortal could hope for.

Future of Financial Services Melbourne speaker in 2022
2 November 2023
  • CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park
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