Future of Financial Services, Melbourne 2023

2 November 2023 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park

Pioneering Purpose-Driven Innovation and Sustainability to Reshape the Future of Financial Services

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Complimentary for FSI Executives

Pioneering Purpose-Driven Innovation and Sustainability to Reshape the Future of Financial Services

With an unrivalled assembly of financial services executives and digital leaders from Victoria and across the globe, our Future of Financial Services, Melbourne conference is back and better than ever in 2023. FST is proud to host key BFSI leaders as they uncover key trends and hot topics in the disciplines of technology, innovation, digital and strategy.

Join us on Thursday, 2 November 2023 for a full day of thought leadership across our plenary sessions and breakout streams to explore the latest digital trends, challenges and opportunities that are ripe for the taking in the financial services sector.

FST’s Melbourne conference is the perfect forum to gain unique insights into the transformative technologies and digital initiatives that are set to revolutionise the industry and accelerate some well-deserved growth.

Key Themes:

  • Sustainability – Importance of digital leadership in sustainable performance
  • Reposition for Agility at Scale – Ability to swiftly pivot technologies, cultures, and team structure as required aka composability
  • Financial Literacy – Current and future use of management of money
  • Digital Ecosystem – Increasing competition and innovation through partnerships
  • Generative AI – Advancements in generative AI, its experimentation in FSI, and the need for guardrails
  • Payments Revolution – Macro-trends shaping the Future of Payments from CDBCs, cross-border payments, and open data
  • The Future of Marketing Technology – Disrupt the status quo to unleash your brand’s potential
Event Highlights
Future of Financial Services, Melbourne 2023
16 Speakers
12 Sponsors
David Walker
Westpac Group
Tim Hogarth
Andrew Cresp
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
Bhaskar Katta
Idris Shamsi
Scott Wall
Bank Australia
Unleashing Generative AI in Finance - Tracing the Evolution and Impact
Group Chief Technology Officer
Westpac Group
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Information Officer
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
General Manager, Group Operations (Global)
Chief Information Officer
Chief Transformation Officer
Bank Australia
Head of Technology : Intelligent Automation
Senior Executive Enterprise Digital
General Manager Enterprise Data
Australian Unity
Digital Marketing & Operations
Aware Super
Executive General Manager Enterprise Service, Technology
Executive Director, Global Head of Blockchain, Digital Assets and Platform Services, Group Integration Office (GIO) and Head of CS Integration, Australian Branch, GIO.
Head of Product & Experience
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Manager, Marketing
Suncorp Bank
Head of Group Marketing and Communications
HUB24 Limited

Stay tuned for further speaker announcements...

  • What just happened?
  • Why AI is the biggest change to hit banking since the internet
  • There are risks, but why we have no choice but to embrace AI
  • Exploring the Importance of Modernization and Interoperability
  • Navigating Potential Challenges in an Era of Intensive Digitization
  • Rethinking Cloud Operations: Strengthening Oversight,
  • Expanding Automation, and Cultivating Cooperative Approaches for Effective Digital Administration



Streams Start

Stream A
13:40Industry Keynote 5
14:00Technology Keynote 5
14:20Industry Keynote 6
14:40Technology Keynote 6
15:00Afternoon Tea and Networking
15:20Panel Discussion: The Evolution of Digital Customer Experience
  • Gaining an edge through predictive analytics for customer acquisition and enhanced user journeys
  • Exploring technological infrastructure for achieving hyper-personalisation in the financial services sector
  • Strategies for seamlessly integrating customer communications, leading to successful omnichannel experiences
  • Selecting appropriate technology for swift deployment, expansion, and ongoing enhancement of customer experience
16:10Technology Keynote 7
16:30Panel Discussion: Assessing the Future of Marketing Technology in the Financial Services Sector
  • Investing in Marketing Technology to achieve “personalization-at-scale” and grow your customer base
  • Automate manual tasks so your team can focus on marketing strategy and lead development
  • Understanding the opportunities and associated risks of using Generative AI for content creation
  • Utilising marketing analytics capabilities to optimise your budget and track the performance of your campaigns
Stream B
13:40Unlocking New Horizons: Australian Super's Global Expansion Strategy
  • Introduction to Australian Super’s global expansion objectives
  • Key Strategies and Considerations for International Expansion
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Expanding Globally
Chief Operating Officer
14:00Technology Keynote 8
14:20Building a Sustainable Generative AI Outcome
  • Managing expectations and growth
  • Use Case to Business Case
  • PoC, Development to Production
General Manager Enterprise Data
Australian Unity
14:40Technology Keynote 9
15:00Afternoon Tea and Networking
15:20Establishing Enterprise Excellence as Part of a Digital Transformation
  • Business process mapping, process improvement, AI and automation
  • Digitising internal processes and improving customer experience
  • Controls mapping, testing and risk management
Chief Transformation Officer
Bank Australia
16:10Technology Keynote 10
16:30Exclusive Fireside Chat: Accelerating Transformation across RACV’s Diverse Business Lines
  • A deep dive into RACV’s successful transitions in financial planning, agility at scale with iterative development, and achieving flexibility in technology architecture
  • What were the intricacies in shifting from a traditional monolithic structure to an agile approach?
  • Gain practical insights into managing enterprise priorities effectively
Chief Information Officer
Master of Ceremonies

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