5th Annual FST Local Government New Zealand 2022

31 August 2022 8:45 am - 2:00 pm

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

Not unlike the geographical nature of Australia, New Zealand’s local councils service an integrated network of countless communities with diverse needs and social complexities, from the islands in the Far North District to the frosty fjords of Southland.

Digital technologies are a vital mechanism for these communities with rich and distinct cultures so that they can maintain their connection to citizens, other councils and the NZ Government at large.

Digital as a resource is not just for convenience, but rather forms part of a Government tech toolkit that crucially delivers essential public services with the required care and sensitivity to local needs. For discussions on building necessary connectivity infrastructure or improving digital inclusion, join us at the FST Local Government New Zealand conference for 2022, where we’ll explore the unique digital demands of NZ’s councils – now and in the future.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • The response from local governments on post-pandemic recovery and how digital resources offer support
  • Overcoming legacy thinking and supporting next-generation cloud technologies to improve connectivity
  • Catering to the needs of local citizens and cultures through public services augmented by digital
  • Cybersecurity strategies that are specific to local governments
  • Smart cities and IoT on the horizon and how local governments are preparing
  • The advancement of omnichannel services and platforms in line with citizen needs
Chief Digital Officer
Wellington City Council
Manager Data & Insights
Wellington City Council
General Manager, Corporate Services Group
Greater Wellington Regional Council
Director, Customer, Community and Services
Waikato Regional Council
Chief Information Officer
Tasman District Council
Chief Security Officer
Bay of Plenty Regional Council
City Innovation Lead
Wellington City Council
Project Manager
Wellington City Council
Former Chief Digital Officer & Director Agency Partnering
Stats NZ - Tatauranga Aotearoa & Department of Internal Affairs - Te Tari Taiwhenua
Director and Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand
Data and Information Lead
Trust Tairāwhiti
General Manager, Wellbeing & Impact
Trust Tairāwhiti
City Initiatives Lead
Christchurch City Council
Senior Geospatial Analyst
Herenga ā Nuku | Aotearoa Outdoor Access Commission
GIS Manager
Herenga ā Nuku | Aotearoa Outdoor Access Commission
ICT Manager
Grey District Council
  • Key themes from Smart Christchurch Strategy
  • Latest Smart Cities developments and initiatives at Christchurch City Council

• Making public access data more accessible

• Growing trust with your users

• Digital innovation through public and private collaboration


Digital Transformation Beyond 2022

  • How can local government use adversity as a positive force for transformation? 
  • How can councils re-imagine their work and resourcing needs in the midst of skills and talent shortages?
  • How do you best translate digital transformation into measurable outcomes to ensure we deliver to the needs of citizens?
  • What are the most effective ways to strategise and future-proof our councils for the benefit of services and communities?

Excelling Citizen Insights and Engagement through Data

  • How can local governments leverage Insights, Analytics, and AI to better serve the community?
  • What are some ways to improve data availability, accessibility, and reusability while maintaining transparency and public trust?
  • How can you ensure ethics and practices relating to data collection, management, and use are understood and applied consistently across the data system
  • How can councils develop their workforce's capabilities and skills to create, collect, manage, and better use data?
  • Exploring the challenges and limitations of traditional data sharing methodologies
  • What is the importance of a Secure Private Data Exchange?
  • Key factors Local Government leaders must address when enabling data sharing


  • What is digital transformation & why is it needed?
  • What impact has the covid-19 pandemic had on digital transformation? Can you elaborate with examples?
  • What are the barriers to digital transformation in the public sector today and how can we overcome them?
  • For many organizations, though it is clear and obvious that they need to change, they often struggle to know where or how to start. How should organizations go about planning their Digital transformation projects?


  • Why citizen expectations are changing to demand a more frictionless digital experience
  • Enhancing security, verification, and authentication across digital services
  • How a seamless, integrated identity management strategy supports UX and Security
  • Allowing citizens to truly own their own digital identity, rather than attempting to recreate it for every new service


  • What does process transformation mean for the workforce, customer, and service delivery?
  • Is your organisation shifting to agile or scaled agile methods? If so, how are your process disciplines supporting this shift?
  • What are the critical steps in communicating change and instilling feedback loops?
  • How do we augment changing processes through the right technology and culture to suit?


In this peer-to-peer discussion you will gain exclusive insight into the Digital Smart report, recently launched in partnership with Deloitte.

  • How to meet the high expectations of citizens around digital delivery of public services
  • Embedding a citizen first mindset do deliver exceptional digital experiences
  • Build the right internal digital capability and drive employee engagement 


Join us to discuss the challenges and opportunities to better utlising your information and data:

  • What are some challenges councils face in delivering citizen e-services?
  • How can organisations leverage data and insights to drive innovation and government collaboration?
  • How do you manage governance & compliance in the digital age?
  • How can cloud enabled platforms and applications benefit government organisations?


  • How is Government reforming to improve the digitisation of documents plus cope with new volumes of interactions and electronically-enabled experiences for citizens?
  • Unpack how to shift frontline services to online channels while upholding the rigorous checks and balances needed when assessing high-risk services such as issuing of permits and payment of grants
  • Share how you execute a strategy around consolidating the number of technologies in use within your organisation while harnessing the latest innovations
  • What’s the secret to managing risk, managing the organisational change, all while delivering the quickest time to value for staff and citizens alike?


How do we declutter work for the benefit of workforce effectiveness, efficiency, and motivation?

  • How do we look to boost seamlessness between people, processes, and technology?
  • What are the steps to enabling greater collaboration across hybrid teams?
  • How do we best communicate change and accelerate digital transformation across increasingly intricate environments?


  • How do we turn the power of data into actionable business insights?
  • How to operationalise insights gathered about our citizens to understand the impact and value of programs of work
  • Strengthening clear relationships and decision-making between data, investments, and outcomes
  •  Supporting the infrastructure, processes, and systems required to measure real-time wellbeing in Aotearoa


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