6th Annual FST Government Western Australia 2022

5 May 2022 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pan Pacific Perth
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

Digital innovation continues to remain a key focus for the Western Australia Government, especially after posting better and stronger than expected post-COVID economic recovery in the 2021-22 Budget. Digital is recognised as a crucial avenue for WA to not only stimulate the needed economic growth but also provide accessible support for people, businesses and communities to persist and thrive in such challenging times.

With the ongoing guidance of Innovation and ICT Minister Donald Punch, WA’s Digital Strategy continues to reimagine the role of digital in government operations and citizen services and align it primarily with the diverse needs of the community.

With the incorporation of digital in health, education and renewable energy services, the WA Government essentially realises the versatility of digital in engaging with and delivering better outcomes for citizens. As a state with immense cultural complexity, it comes as no surprise that WA has its priorities set on increasing digital inclusivity, accessibility and transparency in order to connect its many communities. Addressing these issues and more, FST Government is delighted to host our sixth annual Western Australia conference in 2022. We welcome esteemed technology and digital innovation thought leaders from the public sector to discuss trends that are shaping the future of digital government.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • Digital inclusivity and the social impacts of technological enhancement
  • How important digital accessibility is across people, businesses and communities
  • Whole-of-government digital transformation
  • The support digital offers for WA’s post-COVID economic recovery
  • Data governance and adaptive cybersecurity with the onset of open data
  • Omnichannel services and platforms powered by digital innovation
  • The influences of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) amid the new face of augmented, predicted government
Event Highlights
6th Annual FST Government Western Australia 2022
26 Speakers
18 Sponsors
Greg Italiano
Office of Digital Government
Ann Dunkin
US Department of Energy
John Dixon
Office of Digital Government
Catherine Fletcher
Office of the Information Commissioner
Yordan Petrovski
Department of Finance
Judith Stewart
Department of Health WA
Government Chief Information Officer
Office of Digital Government
Chief Information Officer
US Department of Energy
Director, Digital Transformation and Strategy
Office of Digital Government
Information Commissioner
Office of the Information Commissioner
Chief Digital Officer
Department of Finance
Executive Director, Strategy, Policy and Planning
Department of Health WA
Director, Information System Strategy and Engagement
Department of Communities
Executive Director - Information Technology
St John Ambulance WA
Chief Analytics Officer
WA Primary Health Alliance
Executive Director
South Metropolitan TAFE
Acting Executive Director Transformation
South Metropolitan Health Service
Director State Records
State Records Office of Western Australia
Head of ICT
Western Power
Head of Cyber Security
Western Power
Assistant Director Enterprise Information Management
Department of Finance
Program Director ICT Transformation
Health Support Services
Chief Information Officer
Edith Cowan University
Director Applications Delivery
Department of Transport
Chief Information Officer
Office of The Auditor General
Chief Information Officer
South Metropolitan TAFE
Manager Technology Shared Services, Chief Information Security Officer
Horizon Power
Director ICT, Business Information and Performance
North Metropolitan Health Service
Senior Director Cybersecurity
Sales Engineer
Managing Director, Services
General Manager Public Sector SA & WA Google Cloud

Embedding Citizen-First Approaches in IT Strategy to Supercharge Service Delivery and Drive Engagement

  • How to best align agency strategies, projects, and goals to achieve the future of WA's Digital Strategy and Roadmap
  • How to prioritise and manage large-scale projects, such as legacy system modernisation and improve public services
  • What are the practical steps to closing the digital divide: connectivity, affordability, digital skills, and service design?
  • How can we improve government-industry collaboration and simplify ICT procurement?

Not only are IT leaders aware of the risk, but nearly three out of four are concerned that the VPN may hinder their ability to keep their organisations secure. Join this session to learn about:

  • The move to cloud and reasons why legacy VPN is no longer suitable for the modern work environment
  • The Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) alternative to VPN
  • The benefits of ZTNA for improved user experience, IT simplification and a reduced attack surface


Optimising Information Management for Improved Citizen Experiences and Informed Policymaking

  • How do you embed data access, availability, and (re)usability as pillars in your organisation?
  • How do we facilitate responsible and secure cross-agency data sharing, while also ensuring public trust?
  • Modernising and iterating upon data and information governance frameworks
  • How to become a data-driven agency ​by fostering data literacy across the workforce
  • How do you define the latest objectives of Digital Transformation as a care provider?
  • In a highly-disrupted environment, what does the digitisation of major systems and acceleration of capabilities mean for core services and new operating models?
  • How does becoming a more interconnected healthcare organisation support more efficient decision making and services?
  • Assessing the opportunity to apply health service delivery and transformation learning lessons to broader citizen-centric services

Strengthening ​WA’s Cybersecurity Capabilities and Building Resilience Against Evolving Threats

  • How to bridge the skills gap – attracting, retaining and developing security talent
  • Building an effective ongoing cybersecurity awareness training program for staff
  • How to truly understand your agency’s cyber security maturity level and pave the way to raise it
  • Establishing robust cyber security policies, processes and incident response plans to manage ever-evolving risks 

Lessons From the DOE: IT Modernisation in a Rapidly Evolving Risk Landscape

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