Brian Grant

ANZ Director


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Brian Grant has worked on information technology all his life, and has seen the world evolve to where we all rely on data and digital systems to make insightful decisions, better service customers or disrupt old business models.

Every day he gets up with the goal of making these digital and data services more secure in order to prevent or mitigate the damage that cyber-incidents or data breaches cause to people and organizations.

Brian is a passionate advocate for embedding cyber security in organization systems and processes to remove the reliance on people and networks – because we all know people make mistakes and modern networks are no longer a boundary that is easily defended.

He is also an advocate for a conversational and compassionate approach to working together, even when having to work remotely.

Future of Financial Services Melbourne speaker in 2022
1 September 2022
  • Hilton Sydney
FSTGov Future of VIC Government Summit 2024
27 July 2022
  • Crown Towers Melbourne
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