Future of Security, Melbourne 2022

30 August 2022

Marvel Stadium

The Future of Security, Melbourne is FST’s dedicated security forum for Victoria, exploring the most pressing issues of cybersecurity, resilience and diligence in the financial services industry.

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The Future of Security, Melbourne is FST’s dedicated security forum for Victoria, exploring the most pressing issues of cybersecurity, resilience and diligence in the financial services industry.

Join us at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium on Tuesday, 30 August as we help you navigate the key post-pandemic trends coming up in 2022, including digital transformation accelerating cyber-attacks, data security concerns with the next phase of Open Banking, and partnering with key stakeholders and financial regulators to shape security practices.

Event Snapshot:

Going into 2022, cyber-attacks remain the most difficult threat and risk in the financial services industry despite significant advances by the sector to boost cyber defence, vigilance and resilience. Cybercriminals are still one step ahead of the game, increasing the precision, sophistication and intensity of their malicious attacks along with the take-up of digital products and services providing ample opportunity for cybercrime.

Facing continuous surges in cyber threats, especially in 2021, the financial services industry recorded the second-highest number of data breaches across all sectors, leaving leaders trapped in an unending battle for control against criminal hackers. Not only are network breaches and data loss on the line, but security teams have the ultimate duty to protect customer privacy and secure the prime assets of institutions.

Featured Topics:

  • Endpoint security
  • Open Banking and data security
  • Digital identity and access management
  • Threat intelligence and management
  • Breach detection and prevention
  • Mobility and device security
  • Cloud security
  • Data protection and information governance
  • Cybersecurity and resilience
  • DevSecOps
  • SOC innovations
Event Information
30 August 2022 9:00 am - 6:55 pm
Event Highlights
Future of Security, Melbourne 2022
21 Speakers
Darren Argyle
Standard Chartered
Memo Hayek
Commonwealth Bank
David Higgins
Alex Loizou
Venkat Balakrishnan
Steve Coles
Darren Argyle - What Direction Is Cyber Security Taking?
Shifting Left for Better Data Security and Compliance
HP: Protecting End Users with a Proper Isolation Strategy
Rapid7 Security Leaders Panel
Group Chief Information Security Risk Officer
Standard Chartered
CIO / General Manager, Group Cyber Transformation and Delivery
Commonwealth Bank
CISO & Head of Technology Operational Risk & Compliance
Strategic Security Advisor, Non-Executive Board Member
Cyber Non-Executive Director
Global Head of Technology Risk
Macquarie Group
Hollard Insurance
Founder and Head of Journalism
Master of Ceremonies
Chief Technology Officer APJ
VP, Enterprise Security Solutions
Director Security Engineering, Asia Pacific & Japan
Vectra AI
ANZ Director
Director of Product Marketing
Fortinet Australia
Principal Security Specialist, ANZ
Global CTO
Head of Presales for ANZ
Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy
Menlo Security
  • What direction is cyber security regulation taking?
  • What different threats do new attackers and threat actors pose?
  • How are Standard Chartered positioning itself to navigate this new wave of threats and regulatory framework?
  • What opportunities does Standard Chartered envision if this stormy period is navigated successfully?

Financial Services has never been more dependent on data, at risk of cyberattack or under the regulatory compliance microscope as it is today. At the same time, digital transformation initiatives are reliant on DevOps for delivering innovation solutions to business problems and opportunities at high speed. Consequently for FSIs, there is a need to shift-left and embed data security into their development pipelines.

  • What does shifting left for data security looks like?
  • How shifting left doesn't necessarily mean compromised security or compliance, or increased business risk.
  • How organisations have embraced shifting left to reduce costs and time to value.
  • How to effectively protect end users in today’s challenging environment.
  • Which strategies best protect your users
  • Why isolation needs to be part of the strategy.

The State of Security in 2022 and Beyond

  • Building digital trust in a hyper-connected service economy
  • How are emerging technologies reshaping cyber security risks and controls?
  • Taking a proactive approach to strengthen enterprise cyber defences
  • How has the cyber security risk landscape evolved in 2022, and how will it continue to evolve?

Sponsored by Rapid7

Streams Start

Stream A
13:25Chairperson's Opening RemarksKarissa A. Breen, Founder and Head of Journalism, KBI.Media
13:30Considerations of Moving to the CloudAlex Loizou, CISO, Medibank
  • How do you set up Cloud Capable teams
  • What people and roles do you look to hire for greenfield projects?
  • Working so multinational organisations can operate at the speed of start-ups
Alex Loizou
13:50Technology Keynote: Palo Alto
14:10Industry Keynote from Macquarie Group
14:30Prius vs. Ferrari: Who is helping threat actors outpace security controls?Mark Guntrip, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy, Menlo Security
  • How threat actors are getting past the security you have in place.
  • Shift from a detection-focused approach to one that starts with prevention to block threat actors.
  • How this shift enables security to influence top-line growth.
Mark Guntrip
Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy
Menlo Security
14:50Afternoon Tea and Networking Break
15:20Interactive Q&A SessionKarissa A. Breen, Founder and Head of Journalism, KBI.Media
15:30MFA Reborn: How To Defeat Ransomware’s Lateral Movement StormsYiftach Keshet, Director of Product Marketing, Silverfort
  • How has ransomware evolved and what does that mean for business operational risk?
  • How can you address the challenge of real time prevention of malicious authentication?
  • A thorough analysis of real-life ransomware attacks that have taken place in the course of the year
Yiftach Keshet
Director of Product Marketing
15:50Board Talk – How to Quantify the RiskTheo Nassiokas, Former APAC CISO, Barclays Bank
  • Understanding the bigger organisational picture
  • How to quantity security spend and risk to the board
  • How not doing this correctly can influence skills shortages within Security
Theo Nassiokas
Barclays Bank
16:10Scaling Security Operations: The Answer To The Challenge of Threat InflationVidit Arora, Global CTO, Securonix
  • Organizations are living in a world where “threat inflation” is the reality and there is no reason to believe it will change anytime soon.
  • How can we handle this without making our cybersecurity teams become the highest number in our budget?
  • The future of cybersecurity is hedged on a single word: Scale.
Vidit Arora
Global CTO
16:30Security Integration, Influence and AwarenessGrae Meyer-Gleaves, CISO, Hollard Insurance
  • How security teams can benefit from adaptive culture and integration techniques
  • What the changes in working mean for a highly regulated financial services industry
  • How to effectively manage supply chain security of vendors and customers
Grae Meyer-Gleaves
Hollard Insurance
16:50Closing RemarksKarissa A. Breen, Founder and Head of Journalism, KBI.Media
Stream B
13:25Chairperson's Opening RemarksLuke Hannan, Master of Ceremonies,
13:30Securing The Modern Ways of WorkingDavid Higgins, CISO & Head of Technology Operational Risk & Compliance, Kiwibank
  • How has the pandemic and technology growth fueled change in the industry?
  • What is next for different platforms and devices, and what does best-practice management look like?
  • How to set up a Security aware culture, and what elements are out of your control?
David Higgins
CISO & Head of Technology Operational Risk & Compliance
13:50Technology Keynote: Sonatype
14:10Industry Keynote from TALVenkat Balakrishnan, CISO, TAL
14:30Is the Cloud Control Plane the next Frontline in Cybersecurity?Chris Fisher, Director Security Engineering, Asia Pacific & Japan, Vectra AI
  • Rapid shift to remote work and adoption of new technologies has led to new challenges in securing cloud data & apps
  • Accelerating adoption of cloud technologies has resulted in the evolution of the next generation of modern attacks now traversing through & towards an the control plane
  • Discuss steps an organisation needs to take to secure their enterprise’s cloud control plane
Chris Fisher
Director Security Engineering, Asia Pacific & Japan
Vectra AI
14:50Afternoon Tea
15:20Interactive Q&ALuke Hannan, Master of Ceremonies,
15:30 The Rapidly Changing State of Security OperationsAsjad Athick, Principal Security Specialist, ANZ, Elastic
  • Exploring the issues in traditional security operations practices
  • How a rethink is needed to build a fit for purpose SOC for the next 3-6 years
  • How your SIEM can grow and extend into your Endpoint and Cloud workloads to give you end to end visibility across your enterprise while detecting, investigating and responding to threats in a scalable and cost effective manner
Asjad Athick
Principal Security Specialist, ANZ
15:50Right Level of Board EngagementSteve Coles, Strategic Security Advisor, Non-Executive Board Member, Youi
  • Understanding your board and how to communicate risk
  • The sharp eye regulators have on Boards
  • Cyber war stories and examples of the good, the bad and the ugly
Steve Coles
Strategic Security Advisor, Non-Executive Board Member
16:10Technology Keynote: CitrixAaron Robinson, Head of Presales for ANZ, Citrix
16:30Industry KeynoteFaith Page, Cyber Non-Executive Director, BankVic
16:50Closing RemarksLuke Hannan, Master of Ceremonies,
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