Katarina Ruszczyk

Director, Program Delivery, Digital and Customer Academy

NSW Department of Customer Service

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Described as a “Digital Navy Seal” by the Hon Minister Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Service, Katarina has built teams, delivered products and bootstrapped start-ups within Government, to change the delivery practices and culture within the NSW Public Service.

With 18 years experience working in all three tiers of government in IT policy, product delivery and digital transformation, she is a change agent within the Public Sector.

As the first Director of Digital Transformation at the Department of Customer Service, Katarina delivered the Digital Government Strategy to re-pivot the Government’s $2Billion ICT investment portfolio. She bootstrapped product delivery teams that had never existed at that scale in government before, to demonstrate the value of partnering across the Sector to build products around the customer.

She then built a community of digital practitioners and delivered the NSW Design Standard and a Design System of re-useable digital components, that is now used on over 300 websites, resulting in $3M annual savings of taxpayers money.

Architecting a pathway for digital transformation, digital capability uplift and embedding service design practices into government, Katarina’s work contributed to the NSW Government ranking number one in Intermedium’s Digital Government Readiness Indicator six years in a row.

Katarina has most recently been working with the NSW Department of Customer Service to build a Digital Academy program to re-skill and upskill people into critical digital roles to attract and retain digital talent.

As Founder and Director of Beam Ideation, Katarina is helping organisations find their vision for the future, build great team cultures, uplift digital capability and realise greater customer satisfaction.

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