Marek Rucinski

Deputy Commissioner, Smarter Data Program

Australian Taxation Office

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Marek Rucinski is the Deputy Commissioner of Smarter Data, the ATO’s data and analytics capability. He has strategic responsibility for the development and industrialisation of data, analytics and insights to support the administration of the tax and super systems, government priorities, and deliver value for the Australian community. This role combines the traditional roles of chief data and chief analytics officers in many other organisations. Marek leads the ATO Data and Analytics Professional Stream, is a member of the senior working group for the APS Data Professional Stream, and chairs the APS Data Champions Executive.

FST Government Panel on stage
8 November 2023
  • National Convention Centre Canberra
FST Gov Australia 2021
11 November - 12 November 2021
  • Virtual Conference
Parliament House Canberra
20 November 2019
  • National Convention Centre Canberra
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