Marek Rucinski

Deputy Commissioner, Smarter Data Program

Australian Taxation Office

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The Deputy Commissioner of the Smarter Data Program has a strategic responsibility for development and industrialisation of data, analytics and insights, strategic, legislative agenda and value for ATO.

This profile combines the traditional roles of Chief Data and Chief Analytics Officers across over 17,000 staff, 600+ core data and analytics team and an extremely rich data set in Australian Taxation Office.

Marek has driven the evolution of data and analytics capabilities for over 20 years. In industry roles and in a consulting services capacity, across Australia, Asia and global clients, in retail, telco, consumer goods, financial services, mining and utilities sectors and now the federal government.

His passion centres on elevating the enterprise role of analytics and the transformational role it plays as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution.

From the definition and development of this new corporate capability and technology footprints, through set up of process capabilities to act on insights, transforming customer and employee experience as part of shift to data driven enterprise regime.

Prior to the ATO, Marek was a Managing Director in Accenture and was the lead for Analytics Practice for Australia and New Zealand.

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