Prakhar Rawat

GM - Technology & Digital

Tokio Marine Group

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As a technology leader, Prakhar has a passion for building, scaling, and transforming highly performing Product & Engineering teams. With a focus on revenue-enabling product strategies and business models, he provides detailed insights into tech spend, product portfolio strength, pricing dynamics, and cost structures, helping companies optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

With a proven track record of solving tough business and technical problems, Prakhar has delivered successful products that service both non-technical and technical business personae. His work in the start-up ecosystem, including his founding partnership at WebZap Technologies and collaborations with global brand names, has helped companies achieve digital transformation, scalability, and optimized business processes.

Prakhar’s qualifications from the Harvard Extensions School in Strategic Leadership and Business Management, along with his extensive list of licenses and certifications in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Vmware, Oracle Infrastructure Solutions, PRINCE2, PMP, and ITILV3, demonstrate his expertise and commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Working with Prakhar means leveraging the best of today’s technology trends while staying focused on an agile approach to customer-centricity. His background in cloud operations, engineering & RnD services, and project management allows him to deliver new-school solutions with all-hands leadership and real-world experience. With a keen understanding of the complexities involved in managing production projects/products, Prakhar delivers results on time and within budget.

Prakhar is always eager to take on new challenges and learn new things, making him a valuable asset for anyone seeking advice in the technology industry.

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