Inaugural FST Government ASEAN Summit 2023

25 October 2023 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only


FSTGov’s first foray into the government developments across the Southeast Asian region is set to shed a light on the digital innovation and pipelines that are not only modernising each nation individually, but also show notable levels of transnational cooperation unique to the association that enable strategic delivery.

Held where many consider the digital hub of the APAC region, the Inaugural FST Government ASEAN Summit 2023 in Singapore will trace the shift from a sector that solely focused on ICT – mainly infrastructure, telecommunications and network security – to one that now incorporates a total digital economy and society transformation.

As digital technology grows in both adoption and complexity across Asia, consultative dialogue among key stakeholders – which vary from regulators, industry disruptors and private sector entities – is of the utmost importance for the growth and future of the region and will be a key talking point as FSTGov expands its global reach.

This executive think tank will bring together over 80 technology, digital, data and security leaders primarily from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with some representation from further afar, including Hong Kong, Vietnam and The Philippines.

This exciting new event follows the proven model of our hugely successful portfolio across Australia and New Zealand with presentations, panel discussions, roundtable discussions and exhibition space to ensure maximum engagement with decision makers from across government.

Event Highlights
Inaugural FST Government ASEAN Summit 2023
16 Speakers
8 Discussions
8 Sponsors
Hongyi Li
GovTech Singapore
Dr. Mohd Nor Azman Bin Hassan
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
Xinghao Pan
Ministry of Defence
Tan Shui-Min
National University Singapore
Khang Leng Sing
Ministry of Manpower
Maria Theresita E. Patula
Department of Information and Communications Technology - Philippines
Director Open Government Products
GovTech Singapore
Deputy Secretary General Technology Development
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
Chief Data Scientist
Ministry of Defence
Chief Information Technology Officer
National University Singapore
Chief Information Officer/Director Information Systems and Technology Department
Ministry of Manpower
Director National Privacy Commission
Department of Information and Communications Technology - Philippines
Group Director Resource, Tech & Transformation
Elections Department, Prime Minister's Office
Consultant, Alice Lee Innovation Centre of Excellence (A.L.I.C.E)
Director, Population Health Programme Office
Deputy Director Data Security
Smart Nation and Digital Government Office
Senior Specialist
Cybersecurity Malaysia
Director, National ICT Policy, Planning and Standards Bureau
Department of Information and Communications Technology - Philippines
Group Chief Digital Officer
National University Health System
Deputy Director of Innovation and Transformation
Smart Nation and Digital Government Office
Master of Ceremonies
Director, Pre-Sales

Stay tuned for further speaker announcements...

  • Frameworks, strategies and initiatives to transform Malaysia towards becoming a technology developer country.
  • Accelerating innovative solutions to commercialisation from researching applications to advance Malaysia, approved innovative solutions and national sandboxes.
  • Robust platforms will help us connect dots and make Malaysia a high tech nation in a structured manner.

New Wave ICT Strategy: Empowering Government’s Leadership of Digital Innovation and Long Term Capabilities

  • Strategic Redesign: how Government is embracing technology ecosystems to support the progression of digital futures
  • Digital Capability at Scale: increasing pace of innovation through seamless integration of emerging technologies with a future-ready workforce
  • Advanced ICT Delivery: the evolution of cross-agency agility and integrated teams to transform services, workforces, and agencies
  • Inhibitors to Our Digital Horizons: embarking on adaptive insights, decision-making, and iterative plans to enable leadership to solve for barriers, disruption, and emergencies

Our peer to peer roundtable discussions enable you to engage with other attendees as they rotate from table to table.


Each discussion features one of 8 distinct topics and is hosted by a technology expert together with a government co-host to drive an engaging conversation amongst the participants.


This year's top themes span across Digital Leadership, Workforce Transformation & Development, IT Capabilities, Evolving Technology, Cyber Uplift, Advanced Data & Analytics, and more.

Demonstrating Automation Values and Why it Can be Your Key to Success


Automation, leveraging process Management and other technologies, has opened up new possibilities. The pace of adoption has been rapid. Governments and organisations of all sizes globally are leveraging automation to drive value. When done right, automation has proven to deliver real benefits, join this session to explore the power of automation and why it could be your key to success:

  • What is the recipe for success to streamline processes and improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Changing your approach to process management
  • Building an automation centre of excellence

The Expansion of Information Capability: Enabling Seamless Information Management, Predictive Analytics, and Informed Decision Making 

  • Bridging Smart Data, Technology, and the Organisation: Applying best practice standards to data innovation amidst intelligent IT adoption, AI, and analytics 
  • Data Driven Decisions: How can we best leverage data and predictive analytics to improve citizen services, decision making, processes and systems? 
  • Increased Value of Insights: Enhancing and protecting information as an asset amidst the evolving risk conversation 

Open Government Products (OGP) is an experimental team within the Singapore Government that is built like a modern tech company but works on public sector problems. We’ve managed to eliminate paper forms in the Singapore Government, enabled a 96% vaccination rate for 5.8 million residents, and facilitated the nationwide distribution of government vouchers worth a billion dollars. 


In this session, we'll share:

  • How we structured our team to maximize creativity and autonomy within the constraints of government bureaucracy
  • Our rapid, ground-up approach to innovating and building new products
  • Case studies of our successful products that have made a significant impact in Singapore


The Now and New of Cyber Security Resilience in a World of Risk, Threat, and Pressure

  • Leading Cyber Uplift: strengthening cyber literacy at all levels and equipping transformation leaders to underpin sector growth through secure by design adoption of digital
  • The Future of Cyber Resourcing: the role of culture, collaboration, and recruitment in developing a skilled and diverse workforce to meet the critical shortages and rising demand for specialists
  • Stress Tests & Continuous Improvement: creating meaningful and safe opportunities to advance current cyber processes and evolve public sector approaches to risk management
  • No Gaps: aligning all facets of cyber across technical, policy, governance and intelligence not only with each other, but organisation and sector-wide
  • Addressing and processing urgent healthcare system cases with programs such as AI Triage
  • Building solutions through innovation and collaboration
  • Working efficiently together with regulators and partners for healthier patients and a better tomorrow
  • What are some key challenges that government agencies face when adopting and implementing digital capabilities, fostering innovation, and driving transformation?
  • How can government organisations effectively build and enhance their digital capability to drive innovation and transformation in the digital era?
  • What are some successful examples of government initiatives that have embraced digital innovation and transformation?

  • What are the key challenges that governments face in effectively utilising data and analytics?
  • How can we leverage data to make informed decisions and deliver better outcomes for citizens?
  • How can organisations strategically drive data transformation and development initiatives to harness the full potential of insights, analytics and information?

  • Key challenges government organizations face that impact productivity
  • Roadblocks & barriers to getting started
  • How AI can and is helping Ministries

  • What are the greatest security risks most organisations are exposed to?
  • What are the steps towards emplacing effective plans for worst-case scenarios?
  • How do we equip the government workforce with the tools and skills to combat threats?

  • What are some current processes in government that can be streamlined and improved?
  • What do you do to identify the processes to automate?
  • What new digital tools and function-specific training have you adopted to support your transformation?

  • Design and deliver technology, cyber security and digital services that are accessible and meet the changing needs of businesses, community and government.
  • Prioritising what to build – balancing the needs of citizens vs businesses vs government and agencies.
  • Ensuring digital inclusion and access for all.

  • How does government better understand the preparedness and recoverability of cyberattacks?
  • How organizations who have survived cyberattacks have persisted through ransomware events
  • Improving disaster recovery (DR) processes and and how backup fits within remediation strategies

  • How do we accelerate transformation through the right technology?
  • How can agencies ensure their employees are prepared for these changes?
  • How do we avoid building the next legacy system?

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