Dr. Shikha Sharma

Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Director Business Improvement and Technology

Department of Human Services

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A senior executive with a proven track record in successfully executing multiple business transformations and surpassing ambitious business goals. Exceptional leadership capability to foster a high-performance work culture and drive business outcomes in collaboration within the agency, government, and NGO’s. Significant experience in strategic planning and execution. Skilled in establishing cross-functional teams, systems, and capacity for achieving efficiency and driving business excellence across multiple distinct business areas.

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Future of South Australian Government Summit 2024
9 Speakers
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Dr. Eva Balan-Vnuk
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Julia Waddington-Powell
South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM)
Ben Taylor
Australian Taxation Office
Toni Richardson
Office for Data Analytics- Department of the Premier & Cabinet
Lindbergh Caldeira
SA Power Networks
Tina Hardin
Commission on Excellence & Innovation in Health- SA Government
FSTGov Future of SA Government Summit 2024
30 November 2023
  • Adelaide Convention Centre
FSTGov Future of SA Government Summit 2024
1 December 2022
  • Adelaide Convention Centre
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