7th Annual FST Government South Australia Summit 2023

30 November 2023 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Adelaide Convention Centre
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

Join us at the 2023 FST Government South Australia conference, as we welcome public sector thought leaders and top technologists to track SA’s tech and digital innovation pipeline.

The geographic heart of Australia has also become its epicentre for impressive and large-scale tech innovation projects and South Australia doesn’t look like it’s slowing down at all.

After the COVID-19 pandemic put the Government to the test on its digital delivery, its pre-existing foundations in hi-tech innovation only accelerated its development of digital services and systems, allowing South Australia to bounce back better than ever before.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • Whole-of-Government digital transformation
  • Individual department digital strategies aligned with WoG ICT, Digital, and Cybersecurity Strategy (2021-2025)
  • Data governance and data-driven decision making
  • Cybersecurity resilience in response to evolving risk, threat, and pressure- SA Cybersecurity Framework
  •  Improving user experience through digital capabilities and design
Event Highlights
7th Annual FST Government South Australia Summit 2023
22 Speakers
8 Discussions
12 Sponsors
Hon Andrea Michaels MP
Attorney-General's Department
Dr. Eva Balan-Vnuk
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Sandy Verschoor
City of Adelaide
Dr. Shikha Sharma
Department of Human Services
Ben Taylor
Australian Taxation Office
Toni Richardson
Office for Data Analytics- Department of the Premier & Cabinet
Minister for Small & Family Business, Consumer & Business Affairs, and Arts
Attorney-General's Department
Chief Information Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Former Lord Mayor Adelaide
City of Adelaide
Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Director Business Improvement and Technology
Department of Human Services
Assistant Commissioner Data Insights
Australian Taxation Office
Deputy Director, VFIMS Program
Office for Data Analytics- Department of the Premier & Cabinet
Board Member
Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
Director Digital Health - New Women's and Children's Hospital Project
SA Health
Program Director, Mobile Workforce, IS&T
SA Police
Executive Director Clinical Informatics & Innovation
Commission on Excellence & Innovation in Health- SA Government
Manager ICT Risk, Security & Information Governance
Department of Primary Industries & Regions
Cyber Security Operations Manager
SA Power Networks
Manager Data Architecture & Decision Support
Department of Human Services
Senior Solutions Engineer
Chief Information Officer
Department of Primary Industries and Regions
Enterprise Cyber Security and Resilience Manager
Assistant Director, Digital Architecture and Operations
Department for Education
Director Science & Systems
Environment Protection Authority
Business Development Manager, Commonwealth Government, Data61
A/Manager - Emerging Technology & EdPass, Digital Architecture and Platforms
Department for Education
Regional Director

Stay tuned for further speaker announcements...

ICT, Cyber, Data & Digital as Enablers for Achieving SA's Economic Statement

  • SA's Economic Statement is underpinned by modern and resilient ICT, cyber, data & digital services.
  • All South Australians need reliable and sufficient access to data, internet and voice services (connectivity) across the state so that everyone can benefit from economic growth, access essential online services, and feel part of our community.
  • Addressing digital inclusion gaps, including digital literacy and AI literacy in the community as well as private and public sector organisations, will help to ensure a more equitable South Australia.
New Wave IT Strategy: Empowering SA Government’s Leadership and Fulfilment of Agency Outcomes
  • Digitisation Redesign: how SA is embracing digital transformation to support the progression of innovative technologies for the next 3-5 years
  • Digital Capability at Scale: upskilling a future-ready and digitally enabled workforce to deliver innovation and transform services at an increased pace through seamless integration of emerging technologies.
  • Inhibitors to our Digital Horizons: embarking on adaptive insights, decision-making, and iterative plans to enable leadership to solve for barriers, disruption, and emergencies.

Our peer to peer roundtable discussions enable you to engage with other attendees as they rotate from table to table.

Each discussion features one of 20 distinct topics and is hosted by a technology expert together with a government co-host to drive an engaging conversation amongst the participants.

This year's top themes span across Digital Leadership, Workforce Transformation & Development, IT Capabilities, Evolving Technology, Cyber Uplift, Advanced Data & Analytics, and more.

The Zero Trust Framework for Securing and Enabling Government

  • What does the zero trust journey look like, and what are the key considerations for government agencies?
  • How can it support a better user experience to ultimately deliver services faster and more securely?
  • Use cases and learnings from agencies undergoing a zero trust journey

Data Governance: Recognising the Value of Data to Inform Decisions 

  • Data Governance: SA Government data governance guidelines and role of the Public Sector (data sharing) Act 2016 in the use of data to inform decisions.
  • Increased Value of Insights: deriving meaningful initiatives and recognising opportunities and value in the enhancement and protection of information as an asset amidst evolving risks and diverse customer needs. 
  • Data Maturity: climbing the curve through connection and integration of new AI and analytics technologies for data outcomes.

The Now and New of Cyber Security Resilience in a World of Evolving Risk, Threat, and Pressure

  • Continuous Improvement to Risk Management: creating meaningful and safe opportunities to advance current cyber processes and approaches to risk management and evolving threats and pressure.
  • The Future of Cyber Resourcing and Workforce: the role of culture, collaboration, and recruitment in the need to develop a skilled and diverse workforce to meet the critical shortages and rising demand for specialists.
  • No Gaps: aligning all facets of cyber across technical, policy, governance, and intelligence sector wide with the implementation of the South Australian Cyber Security Framework.

Delivering a Technology Enabled Future Workplace for Next Generation Policing: SA Police Mobile Workforce Program

  • With the delivery of the Mobile Workforce Program, SAPOL has embarked on an ambitious and exciting transformational initiative that will change the way the agency operates and provides services to the community.
  • The program will deliver Technology Enabled Policing for a geographically diverse, reactive, and proactive workforce that operates 365 days a year and 24 hours a day in uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments.
  • Data-driven decision-making, efficient ways of working, and accessible frontline systems are key to staff safety and ultimately in delivering SAPOL's vision of Safer Communities.

Strategic Approach to Engagement: Bringing the Digital Vision to Life

  • Understanding the challenges of bringing digital vision to life in the New Women's and Children's Hospital.
  • Understanding the 6 key elements for successful engagement and how to build digital maturity.
  • Dive into how to harness the power of Generative for AI for data-driven insights and decision-making can transform public service delivery.
  • Hear how to balance agility, security, compliance, and reliability with a focus on modernising infrastructures and improving operational productivity.
  • Share insights on how to deliver innovative programs of work and move projects faster.

  • What is your ideal future state when it comes to security and connectivity?
  • Why is Zero Trust important to the South Australian Government. and what is the opportunity for agencies?
  • Where are you at in your digital transformation journey and what are the risks of inertia?

  • What are the key attributes and factors of Technology Lifecycle Management?
  • Why do government organisations need to keep their technology and systems up to date?
  • What are the benefits of Technology Lifecycle Management and Device as a Service when improving workflow?

  • Around the world, organisations are looking inwardly to their technology business units to become more sustainable. However, more sophisticated organisations have realised that empowering IT to help the entire enterprise become more sustainable can accelerate progress.
  • In this roundtable you will have the opportunity to hear from peers on how they’re utilising technology to achieve ESG goals, and to share your own views with the group.

  • How are government agencies measuring digital transformation and end-user experience initiatives as part of their own transformational journeys?
  • How could you provide a better, more proactive service for end users within your organization? Could a proactive service improve the reputation of IT teams?
  • How do you measure or compare performance of individuals working onsite vs. remotely? How do you troubleshoot issues with home-based users and ensure the experience is the same regardless of the location of the workers?

  • How to bolster security and reduce data risk caused by credential abuse?
  • Where do security and friction(less) unite in User Experience?
  • How can the government do more to embrace Identity as a strategic pillar?

  • How do we equip teams with a digitally transformative culture in support of change?
  • How do we augment transformation through the right technology and culture to suit?
  • How do we avoid building our next legacy system?

  • Discuss digital transformation across government and impacts and opportunities to your department/agency.
  • Data-driven decision-making strategies: What is now possible and shared use cases.
  • Challenges in Government Connectivity: Discuss the connectivity challenges faced by government agencies in South Australia, especially in remote undeserved areas.
  • Security Concerns: Highlight the evolving cybersecurity threats faced by the agencies and how we can address them, including Cybersecurity Strategy (2021-2025) and SA Cybersecurity Framework.
  • Remote Work and Service Delivery: Explore the impact of remote work on government service delivery and how emerging technologies can bridge connectivity gaps.
  • User Experience and Cost Efficiency: Discuss how the collaboration can result in increased performance and cost savings for government agencies.
  • Emergency Response: How to rapidly enable secure connectivity, anywhere, anytime.

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